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Wireless Phone Battery Life

In November of 2012 we deployed over 400 7925G wireless IP phones with the standard battery (CP-BATT-7925G-STD) to all of our retail locations.  The deployment was a success and the retail associates liked the phones.  Fast forward to a few months ago (Oct 2013 - current), our helpdesk has logged dozens of trouble tickets to replace batteries that aren't lasting nearly as long as they used to.  Many of our retail locations are complaining the battery life is too short now.  We have tickets that claim the battery only lasts from a few minutes to a couple hours before it is completely out of charge.  it seems like the useful life of the Cisco standard battery is about 12 months.

I'm considering purchasing new batteries from zCover to replace all of the batteries that were original deployed.  But before I do I'd like to know if anyone else has deployed the standard battery (CP-BATT-7925G-STD) in 7926/7925/7921 wireless phones noticed similar results as to what we're seeing?  Also, I'd like to know if anyone has feedback about zCover batteries and how long they seem to last before needing replaced?

matthew gosling


Just a question but what is your DTIM perioud configured as for the WLAN that you are connecting the phones to?

DTIM is set to 1ms on the 802.11a network.  I configured the network per the 7925g deployment guide.

For the 7925G you should have the DTIM period set to 2 with a beacon period of 100 ms.  BUT if you are doing a fair bit of multicast over the same WLAN then it should be 1 as per the deployment guide (page 29).

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