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Wireless with Cisco ACS

Level 1
Level 1

I have a wireless solution and want to add a CISCO ACS 5.3, but unfortunately I do not have an LDAP, then the users are local to the Cisco ACS.

Not as a certifying entity, either I have a domain on my network.

I just want to use the CISCO ACS to enable users and sign me to the wireless network only with my username and password enabled on the Cisco ACS.

Someone knows a configuration or anyone know if you can do with this version of Cisco ACS.


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Richard Atkin
Level 4
Level 4

So you want to authenticate people to a Wireless network, but only by using ACS, without any AD/LDAP integration?

This is perfectly doable with a PEAP or EAP-FAST (or LEAP, lol) setup.

This only works when I change the settings in WINDOWS clients.

Is there any way without changing the client and automatically WINDOWS only ask you username and password.

Level 1
Level 1

If you don't have an AD to automatically configure the Windows clients there's no way to do it without manually configuring them, unless you install a trusted 3rd-party cert on the ACS for EAP authentication. This might still require manual config on the client though if certificate validation doesn't work.

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