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Wireless WLC Visibility


I want in-depth visibility into my wireless network such as application visibility, connectivity issues, coverage emails, alerts and email notification if any goes down.

I know Cisco Prime can do above functions but it is already EOL. So what is other alternative ? We need same intuitive interface available on Meraki Cloud Wireless Solution.


Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.


Leo Laohoo
VIP Community Legend

Talk to your Cisco AM/SE in regards to DNA Center.
VIP Advisor

As to my knowledge Cisco Prime is not EOL (yet). I assume it will receive the EOL branding in about 2 years though. Also see here:
Only very old versions are EOL, but not the current product.

Today DNA Center is the way to go, although it's a tad expensive in my opinion.
Scott Fella
Hall of Fame Guru

Cisco Prime gives you what you want and DNAc doesn’t provide everything that PI has at the moment and is limited to newer devices and code. So you are kind of in that middle stage where you should be using PI as your Primary and then later migrate to DNAc if you have the $$$. PI will be out there for a while as they have to go EOS first then EOS which has to be 2-3 years after.
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Thanks Scott.
We will be deploying DNA by Jan 2020 for LAN Automation and Assurance so that is why I was wondering if DNA can support wireless analytics features I mentioned.
PI end of Hardware support is 2024 and Software support is 2022.
What about DNA Spaces and CMX ? Can they support same features as PI ?

To be honest, DNAc is new and you have to wait and see how features get integrated and how much that will cost. The biggest thing is to make sure your environment is upgraded where DNAc fully supports the devices or you will be using both for a while. We have both and not much I can do with DNAc as I do a lot of reports from PI that DNAc doesn’t have right now. Take a look at the DNAc document that shows the devices it fully supports.
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We are upgrading WLAN infrasturcutre with newer access points Wifi6 and controller 5520 which are already supported by DNAC.

And don't forget the new, more expensive licenses that you need for all the features (namely Assurance) of DNAc.

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