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Wism upgrade to


Have recently upgraded 6500 Wism from ver to
Upgrade process was successful but noticed that secondary image still is in the previous version (
I have read that to upgrade it we must use ER Boot release image,
but the latest ER Boot image but latest available is only

Q1. Is it acceptable to leave it as is?

Q2. If not, What ER (Boot) image is recommended ?

Please advise.
Tnx in advance.

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Stephen Rodriguez
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

when you do a show boot, the secondary image is the last image that was used.  On the WLC, we hold two images, the last one, secondary, and the current image you loaded, primary.  This is normal behavior

For the ER, you should load the latest ER that is listed, but do not expect it to always update the bootloader.  For example if you load the it will not update the bootloader as it is not bundled in there.  To my knowledge the last bootloader update was in the  So if you wanted to you could load, reboot then load the, or what ever the latest -ER is.


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Hi Stephen.

Thanks for your reply. Still leads me to other questions.

What is the difference between ER & BOOT images?

(Attached is taken from Cisco Wism Download page)

Is it safe to claim that the secondary image ( is better/stable than it's earlier release?

Is there a need to have an ER release as secondary image ?

What is Cisco's recommendation about Wism secondary image?

Is the a write-up about it?

Sorry for the flood of questions.

THe image that shows as secondary, is the image.  So if you were to issue the command config boot backup, the WLC will boot to that image the next time it is reset.

The difference between the ER and the BL is simple.

ER = Emergency Repair.  This is the menu you get when you hit escape while the WLC is booting up.  It has option to help you get the WLC back up.

BL = Boot Loader.  It tells the WLC how to bring the WLC up and running.


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