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WLAN Moving between office locations Mobile non-windows

Hi Guys,

Another one for you all - we have several offices running seperate WLAN controllers various models and software versions. We have the same SSID in each office. We dont use WCS/NCS as yet. We are using MS NPS Radius/PEAP/MSCHAPv2 for authentication of users.

Now users on MS Domain windows laptops visit other offices they connect without any issues. Group Policy push WLAN profile.

However - from IOS and Andriod devices - they will not connect unless (in all cases) they re create the profile on the mobile device. Any pointers as to what might be happening here? I know the above is vague - but any suggestions of where to start investigating?



You're saying that once a iOS devices connects the first time. They leave and come back it will not reconnect. You have to delete the old profile and readd it again ?

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Hi George. the same physical office seems to be ok. it we a user travels for example to a different city/office then the profile seems to never work. recreating the profile fixes the issue and they can connect. until they go back to the originals office. windows does not have this issue between locations


Hi David,

Why don't you just create a saperate WLAN for mobile users and use a different encryption method like WPA2+PSK. Probably to be more secure hide the WLAN and create profiles on mobiles manually. I am sure if you use same SSID and encryption it will work on all sites.  Hope it helps.


From Cisco Guide: "Under normal roaming conditions, client devices  join  a wireless LAN and are anchored to the first controller that they   contact. If a client roams to a different subnet, the controller to   which the client roamed sets up a foreign session for the client with   the anchor controller."

I'm assuming a couple things: 1) You are using the same mobility group name at both locations/controllers. 2) that this shared WLAN/SSID is assigned a local interface at the controller location with different subnets assigned for each location.  To the controllers, you just "moved" from one ap/controller to another ap/controller in the same group. 

Make sure your mobility groups, specifically software versions, are interoperable given that you said you are running different software versions.  Search for Cisco Wireless Solutions Software Compatibility Matrix. The latest was just released.

Try this test: 

1) Connect from location A with your mobile device.  Note the ip address provided from dhcp_discovery.

2) Don't shut your wireless service off.  Just jump in your car and drive to location B. I'm guessing it's not that far...maybe less that the default idle timeout set on your location A controller.

3) At location B, ensure you are connected to the same WLAN again.  Verify the ip address you are provided. Is it the same ip address you had at location A?

4) Login to controller at location B

Look for your client ip address in the controller.  Specifically look for "foreign export" under role? (i this that's the section  but can't confirm as I don't have access to a controller now).

Results should dictate a direction.


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