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WLC 2504 as Anchor with WLC Internal Controller

Ryan Morgan
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I've seen that the 2504 can be used as a guest anchor controller from release v7.4 onwards but can't find anything to say if it can be used as anchor when a 5760 is the internal controller.

Found an older page which references:

Q. In centralized mode with Cisco 5760 WLC or converged access mode, can I support guest anchor functionality?

A. Yes. You can point a Cisco 5760 WLC operating as a mobility controller to a Cisco 5760 WLC or Cisco 5508 WLC operating as a guest anchor controller.

Is this currently available or in the roadmap?



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Hi Ryan,

From the Consolidated Platform Configuration Guide, Cisco IOS XE Release

3.3SE (Cisco WLC 5700 Series) I found this:

"On the guest controller WLAN, which can be Cisco 5500 Series WLC, Cisco WiSM2, or Cisco 5700 Series

WLC, configure the IP address of the mobility anchor as its own IP address."

My bet is that it would work, but wouldn't be supported; much like it used to not be supported in the conventional CUWN deployment with 5508 Foreigns pre-7.4.

I have a co-worker going to Live next week who is going to corner someone from TAC or the BU to get a definitive answer, because I'm looking to do a similar thing for a customer.


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