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WLC 4400 max client


I'm using a WLC 4400 series with 1240_APs, the number of clients is set to 12 in the WLC configuration.

My question is simple, what will happen to the 13rd client who try to associate the AP??


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Leo Laohoo
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The client will receive a pop-up (if I remembered correctly) three to four times.  It will state that the maximum client association has been reached.  You keep making attempt and the WLC will, grudgingly, allow the 13th and more client in.

I guess 12 is set for aggressive load balancing here?

Leolaohoo, is the pop-up message from Windows? or client card utility? I thought the retries are transparent to the clients. If clients get pop-ups, this aggressive LB thing is not good to me...

If you are speaking about aggressive load balancing. The default wondow is 5, if i recall. But you can change it higher or lower. The problem with agressive load balacing is that it is client dependent and it really does work.

First, your client will not get a message.

When a ap is config for 5 clients agressive load kicks in when the 6th client send an association response to the access point. The access points response with a association response with a reason code of #17. 17 is an idication to the client that the AP is busy and it should find another AP. The problem is MOST clients dont honor code 17 and will contiue to pound the ap for access. The ap will then allow the client on..

So as you can tell there isnt a lot of load balancing going on ...

i hope this helps... Leo, myself and other work hard to anwser your post. If you find this post or anyones post helpful kindly rate them!

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