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WLC 5508 + 1142 Range issues.


We did wireless coverage testing using some 1142 units in autonomous mode, and got a satisfactory result, but upon converting these test units to Lightweight and adding them to our WLC5508 controller, the coverage has decreased noticably.  Does anyone know of any tips or tricks to getting lightweight 1142 APs to have a range as far as the same hardware with autonomous firmware?

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Leo Laohoo
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Disable Dynamic Power Control and put all the WAPs to full blast transmission power level of "1".

NOTE:  Whether or not this will increase your wireless network performance, I doubt it since you've disabled one of the few unique functions of the controller-based WLAN.

Amjad Abdullah

Just like Leo prompted, the transmit power could be the issue.

You check the transmit power on the APs. what is it?

You can check that from the radio settings.

Check this:

If the power level is not 1 (maximum) then it can be increased to reflect better coverage area. Howeber, if the WLC choose automatically to use power level less than the maximum this would indicate that the coverage is a satisfactory without the need to transmit with the max power available.

You check your settings and let us know.



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Do you know what your dB power settings were when on autonomous? And do do you know what your readings were before and after the conversion ?

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