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WLC 5508 automatically restarting twice in a week



I have very strange issue with my wireless Lan controller. It reboots automatically.

Atleast in week, it restarts once or twice.

If i want to check any historical logs , i can not check since after restarting WLC , all logs will be cleared,

I get the logs from the time it restarts , starting with


I am predicting the issue with temperature setting

right now the Internal temperature is +41 C

How do i check , what is the threshold set for temperature.

can anybody  suggest me anything about this ?

  Cisco Controller  Product Version:


Kindly suggest how to resolve this issue 


Hi JP,

I tried that and same result on IPAD 2. Airplay icon not being displayed. I also uploaded to the WLC5500 and the issue is resolved so IPAD 2 can display the Airplay Icon but now this WLC reboot bug on that version does not allow me to install it.


Hi Abraham,

When you say (WLC reboot bug on that version does not allow me to install it.)

What you are trying to install?

If you are trying to downgrade to 7.6.130 or upgrade to 8.0.115 you could try to disable 2 things to help you make it more stable (since this thread points the reboot problem to 2 possibles causes : 1- Webauth problem or 2- 'Bonjour -mdns' problem).

Try temporary (during the time of your upgrade/downgrade:

1- disable webauth on your SSIDs.

2- disable mDNS.


Hi JP,

What I tried to say is the following:

Airplay Icon is not displayed on IPAD 2 OS 8.1.X or 8.2.X when you have WLC 5500 running version We have thousands IPAD 2 devices on the network that were running OS 7 but once they were upgraded to 8.1.2 or above, Apple TV service stopped working (Airplay Icon no more available). We have a lab environment exactly the same as production and I tested on the WLC 5500 and Apple TV issue is solved BUT with the "reboot" bug detected on that version for WLC 5500, i cannot upgrade my devices in production because that could affect our 30K+ endusers connections.

Unfortunately we cannot disable webauth because is the AUTH mecanism being used. In fact, we are using the old LWA and trying to move into CWA but another issue I have is that the customized html files for CWA provided by Cisco, specifically the SUCCESS HTML File on ISE Version patch 8 does not work properly for IPAD 2 (I opened another post but nobody has answered to it) and I am running patch 3 on ISE.

Everything was working fine when the IPAD 2 were running OS 7, now Apple says this is a Cisco problem when they actually were who made this mess after their latest OS Upgrades on Apple Devices.

Scott Fella
Hall of Fame Guru

You have AirTunes enabled as a service?  This was a changed that happened a while back.


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Hi Scott,

Based on the information from an forum I found, I tried different WLC configurations. The first one was only enabling Apple TV service on the mDNS configuration part of the WLC. Then I tried Apple TV + Airtunes, later Apple TV + Airtunes and Airprint with nothing else. Same result Airplay Icon on IPAD 2 not available for mirroring.


Scott Fella
Hall of Fame Guru

So with v7.6.130.0 all the iPAD2 with iOS 8 doesn't work (AirPlay).  With any other code, it works?  


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Hi Scott,

In production, once IPAD 2 were upgraded to version 8.1.x or 8.2.x they stopped displaying Airplay Icon, our WLC 5508 are running

I went to the lab and tested (as suggested by Cisco TAC) on the WLC 5508 we have in there and Airplay/Apple TV on IPAD 2 worked fine (however I have not checked what FUS I have in the Lab WLC). I just install the code into the WLC.

We already have 8510 in production running and installed new ones running with a few AP register to them in order to check the stability of this new WLC code, but based on this post now we are not completely convinced to move massive AP into the new 8500 even though you said you have not seen any reboot issue on them running









Does the AirPlay have to do with the controller resetting or did that jump into the topic?

No, Airplay has nothing to do with the controller reset.

 Airplay issue is fixed on version for WLC 5508, unfortunately this version cannot be installed due to the reload bug.

The upgrade does not help. Still rebooting every 3 4 days. Working with TAC right now. 

It's bizarre that Cisco is not making the fix generally available, making everyone get an escalation build 110.9 to deal with the widespread reboots. Take no nonsense, and demand they give you the fix without dumping hours into gathering logs, etc.



Thanks a lot Razmir for the confirmation.

Hi Razmir,


you have some news about this? Can you provide me with the TAC number?

I will also open a ticket......


Hi Eglinsky, could you please let me know what is the version you are running on the IPAD 2?. I tried and I could not see the airplay icon on the IPAD 2 but on the IPAD4  was fine.

Could you give me some clues about the way you configured the mDNS?. Maybe there is something that I configured in the WLC that has to be changed.

I will send you later today what I enabled on the WLC for Bonjour/Apple TV.




Abraham, our iPad 2s are running iOS 8.2 and we've never had issues with them connecting to the 5508, regardless of the iPad or WLC OS.

I am told that AirPlay is not supported on the iPad 2s because they do not have the correct version of Bluetooth.

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