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WLC 5508 automatically restarting twice in a week




I have very strange issue with my wireless Lan controller. It reboots automatically.

Atleast in week, it restarts once or twice.

If i want to check any historical logs , i can not check since after restarting WLC , all logs will be cleared,

I get the logs from the time it restarts , starting with


I am predicting the issue with temperature setting

right now the Internal temperature is +41 C

How do i check , what is the threshold set for temperature.

can anybody  suggest me anything about this ?

  Cisco Controller  Product Version:


Kindly suggest how to resolve this issue 


Hi cmc,

We have not upgraded the WLC's 5500 we have (more than 6) because of this bug on the / 115.0. However I was wondering if the FUS that you are using is the right one based on the information I got from the following link:

We also have 4 WLC 8500 with 2 of them running (test period in progress) because we are not sure if those bigger WLC's would face the same reboot issue even though Scott Fella has not seen any problem with them based on his note on this post.









I will check when I go back into work  I do see that a new version 7.0xxx has been released as of the 23 th   Thanks

the first one that failed had  8.11.0 and 1.7 fus  the second one that is failing has 8.115 and 1.9 fus

I went back to my notes to check

the 3rd one Rma one has 80115 and 1.9 but is a different build date by one year I will try monday

to put the Rma one live and see what happens I think also I will rma the second one that is restarting

Thanks for the help I have a feeling you are righr When I get the new rma one I will leave at 1.7 and 7.6

I have a lot of 5508's running v7.6.130.0 with FUS and no issues. I'm thinking the issue has to be with v8.0.x.


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Hi Scott,

we have a huge list of customers and never saw this issue with version 7.6.x

The strange thing is, that in our lab we're running 8.0.110 and also tested and never saw a reboot.... Also many 2504 running in 8.0.x running with no reboots...


I need to know if there are some reboot issues are known with a WISM2 on 8.0.x

and what about a workaround for this bug. We have customers buying 1702 AP's and we are forced to use 8.0.x




That is tough to say, if a WiSM2 would have this issues or not. We also have a lot of customers on the WiSM2's but not really on any v8.0.x code. WiSM's had their own issues with reboots in the past, but seems like that issues has been resolved.  We do have customers on v8.0.110.0 on 5508's and haven't heard of any reboot issues.  We have v8.0.110.0 and v8.0.115.0 on sme 8510's that haven't rebooted.  Your best bet is to reach out to your Cisco SE and see if they have any inside news they can tell you. You can also open up a TAC case and see if they have a TAC release or a preferred code to run.  It's hard to say what the workaround would be unless you see forum post on the subject and a fix. Like was mentioned in a previous post, some of the workarounds before was to disable WebAuth and or mDNS, but if that is part of your design, you can't really follow that workaround.  

Maybe start a new thread specific to the WiSM2 and v8.0.x code to get others to chime in if they have had issues or not.


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