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WLC 5508 in HA SSO mode, problems with failover

Level 1
Level 1

We have two 5508's in HA SSO mode connected via RP port. 

When on the secondary unit, all AP's are connected without any problems.  When we force failover back to the primary, 30+ ap's randomly fail to connect.  The AP's are pingable, and on the network.  They just don't establish the tunnel to the WLC.  Any ideas?



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Freerk Terpstra
Level 7
Level 7

Did you make sure that all of the switchport configurations are the same? So all of the VLAN's are allowed for both WLC's? Also which software release are you currently running on those WLC's?

ports are configured as lag for both units with all vlans passing across the trunk.  currently running but also had this problem running

Right now I'm not familiar with a bug what could cause this behavior, but who knows :-)

Could you past the logging from one the access-points while it is trying to connect? Also what does the logging of the WLC say at that moment and does it also occur when you physically reset one of the access-points?

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