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WLC 9800 AirPlay does not work over WLAN

I am performing a migration from an old WLC 5500 to a new WLC 9800. After migrating all accesspoints in one building, all iPads started to have problems with finding airplay monitors , even though they are on the same vlan/wlan.

Any Ideas?

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Thank you, I will look into this.

It is a document for mDNS gateway though, I do not use this feature.

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I have the same symptoms. Did the author solve the problem?

Is your APs in Flex (local or central switching) or Local mode? 

Whats the code you are running?

Whats the WLC model?

Hi Arshad Safrulla

AP is in Local Mode

I am using Bengaluru-17.6.4 operational version

The WLC model is the Catalyst 9800-L-F

Did you able to solve this issue , Am also facing the same issue with cisco 9800 controller having 17.6.4 operational Bengaluru version. Airplay is not working with the apple phone. they cannot share it with apple TV. no issue with the android device or laptops.  anyone aware of any solution for this? 


Is the Apple TV connected to WIFI or connected to the wired network ? This will make a difference in functionality.

If they are both on wifi , are they on the same SSID or separate ? 

- If same SSID and network , then you only need to ensure mDNS is set to bridging in your SSID

- If different SSID, you need mDNS gateway functionality enabled

If wired , you will need to enable mDNS gateway functionality and then add that wired vlan to the controller along with an SVI for that VLAN so the controller can listen to the service and provide this to the client 

- Note : Wired mDNS services learnt does not have filtering capabilities , that means all wired services the controller knows about in that vlan will be sent to the clients. This can be cumbersome so it's recommended to have the service provider on the wireless network when possible so you can take advantage of filtering capabilities for wireless services 

mDNS guide below:

Since it was not resolved in mDNS Bridge Mode, I changed to mDNS Gateway Mode and created SVI for the client band in WLC and solved it. Even in TAC, I did not understand why Apple TV did not work in Bridge Mode, and since Gateway Mode was a recommendation and the customer side resolved it, I did not ask for further analysis, so TAC support ended as it is.


I have the same problem with mDNS bridging.

Can you explain this more"created SVI for the client band in WLC"? I have one SVI on WLC, this handle the CAPWAP tunnel from APs. Did you ceate a new SVI for a WLAN on the controller?




Hi Tabaszabi

In general, if there is VLAN 1 and SVI 1 for WLC and AP CAPWAP communication, C9800 only needs VLAN to provide client service, but SVI must be created to use up to mDNS gateway mode. If the Client VLAN is 2, you can create SVI of 2 and set the band suitable for the VLAN.


I have an open TAC case, why mDNS bridging not work inside a WLAN. As plan B, I will try the mDNS gateway function as you wrote.

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@gary_the_network_guy Just curious since this is a few months old if you ever solved your issue.  This might help others whom has run into the same problem.  Bonjour is tricky and making sure you followed the design guide to configure bonjour is a big thing.  I have bonjour working at home, but I'm running FlexConnect.

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Thank you for your guidance guys, let me check it with this 

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