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WLC and AP status trap trigger and poll interval

Hi all,

I have spent a bit of time looking and am unable to find an answer to some questions, was wondering if you could help.

Simple scenario: When an AP goes down, the WLC will send a trap to a trap receiver (Prime Infrastructure)

My questions are:

1) What is the mechanism for the WLC to detect an AP is down, triggering an AP_Down trap?

2) What interval, or how long can an AP be unavailable for before the WLC will send an AP_Up?  It does not seem configurable via the 5500 series controller.

Thanks in advance,


Saurav Lodh
Rising star

I think the interval is a value  between 30 and 3600 seconds. The default value is 120 seconds.

Hi Saurav,

Thankyou for the reply.

One more question; Are you able to point me at the documentation where the default is 120 seconds? 

I'm still unable to find the poll interval configurable parameter, unless I'm missing something.


Similarly, I am working on a solution to monitor APs status through Catalyst 3850 switch, but I found the no specific traps are defined for AP status when AP goes UP/DOWN, only found the traps for ApIfUp/ApIfDown.

The Catalyst3850 supports CISCO-LWAPP-AP-MIB, only the following traps are defined under ciscoLwappApMIBNotifs, which are:


ciscoLwappApCrash (2)

ciscoLwappApUnsupported (3)

ciscoLwappApAssociated (4)

ciscoLwappApPower (5)

ciscoLwappApRogueApDetected (6)

ciscoLwappApRogueApCleared (7)

ciscoLwappApWipsNotification (8)

ciscoLwappApNoDownlinkChannelNotify (9)

ciscoLwappApIfUpNotify (10)

ciscoLwappApIfDownNotify (11)

The Catalyst3850 switch also support AIRESPACE-WIRELESS-MIB, in this mib, there are two traps defined when AP goes UP/DOWN, which are:

bsnAPUp and bsnAPDown, but their status are 'obsolete' instead of 'current', and I can't trigger these traps, the only trap I got when disconnecting an AP is the ciscoLwappApAssociated trap, and it only generated after the AP rejoined the controller again, obviously it can't be used for my requirement.

Is there any way to monitor APs status via the switch/wireless controller in Catalyst 3850? what trap can I use?

Thank you in advance.

Tyler Chen

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