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WLC configuration topology

I have CISCO 2911 with SRE module for Wireless Lan controller software. also between my local network and CISCO router is a firewall, CISCO router is an edge router so router and my Lan are in different subnets. i want Wlan and Lan to be in a same subnet is it possible? In other words, can WLC and Access points be in different subnets? the case is that wireless devices should be behind the firewall.


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Scott Fella
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Yes you can have the wlc and APs on a different subnet. You need to make sure you have udp 5245 & 5247 (capwap) or udp 12222 & 12223 (lwapp) allowed between the wlc and the APs.

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Amjad Abdullah

You can use wireless LAN to be on same VLAN as wired one. You can also use the APs on different VLAN.

If there is a firewall between the APs and the WLAN then jsut like Scott mentioned you need to make sure specific ports are allowd.

Here is a wireless ports doc that shows you what ports need to be opened to/from the APs:



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Yes the WLC and ap can be in different subnet. But how can the WLAN and LAN in the same subnet in this case? As the WLC is integrated with the router, the wlan's L3 will be terminated on the router. The LAN and router are in different subnets and there is a firewall in the middle. I can't think of how we can make them in the same subnet.

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You have to use bridge groups to accomplish this.  You configure a bridge-group under the sub-interface, then the same under the interface that connects to the lan.

as an example

bridge-group 10 protocol ieee

bridge-group 10 route IP.

interface gig0/0.10

ip address

bridge-group 10

interface SRE1/0.10

bridge-group 10


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Please remember to rate useful posts, and mark questions as answered

As i understand, the router does not have a interface connects to LAN. There is a firewall between the router and the LAN. Will this solution still work across the firewall? How can you make the L2 cross the firewall? I assume the firewall is not running in L2 mode.

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