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WLC internal DHCP for guest



we have a cisco wlc 3504 and we need guest clients to connect to internal DHCP


Internal dhcp is already as a scope for ap's 


Can I point another scope for the guest wlan? is it possible to configure GRE , for this WLAN to go to the internet ?


Sandeep Choudhary
VIP Mentor

yes you can create another DHCP scope for guest wlan. 


Info: Cisco does not recommend using the WLC DHCP for production purposes, it's just there for proof of concepts in labs. It will work, but you're better off using DHCP elsewhere.



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I create a vlan 15 for guest wlan.


are you saing that best prattice is to have the vlan 15 giving dhcp? not the controller?


I am triing to force the dhcp to go the internal one but keeps going to the vlan 15 dhcp server


already override but receive 169..


scope for mgmt and APś 10.100.110.x


scope for guest 172.27.0.x



Just to add... you need to have the 3504 connected to a trunk port and that trunk port needs to have vlan 15 allowed along with any other vlans you already might be using.  You then need to configure a dynamic interface on the controller which needs an ip address to communicate on vlan 15.  As long as your switched infrastructure has the ip helper to the dhcp server, everything should work.  You should test with a wired client and make sure that the wired clients gets an ip address and that address is correct.  

If you are testing dhcp on the controller, which should only be for testing, you need to enable dhcp proxy for that to work.  I would not enable dhcp proxy if you are using an external dhcp server.

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MHM Cisco World
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As I know your need proxy enable for internal DHCP. 
enable it and check


Thanks for the help


after what you guys said about not to be a good pratice to use internal dhcp, guest is now on vlan 15 with external DHCP. and working!

We also done sone VRF on the Cisco Router to get the wireless traffic to a GRE tunnel on the side of the external router..

Seems to be ok now


Thanks again

Glad you got it working.
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