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WLC Mesh Deployment (Manually Assigning 5GHz bachaul operating freq)

LJ Gabrillo

Hi Everyone,

Well, just what the subject says.
For stability it is recommended to manually set the backhaul freq right?

Anyway, I was just asking if its OKAY to MANUALLY SET the frequency ONLY in the RAPs.
Im thinking that the MAPs will automatically negotiate the freq of RAP, hence will use that frequency

Any ideas if this is true?


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Hi Isgabrillo,  



Mesh Back-haul HAS to be setup with Static Channel mapping.

MAP connects to a RAP  like  how a wireless client connects to an AP.

So,  if you make a static assignment on a RAP, its Children will fall on the same channel.





Regards Victor V *****Help out other by using the rating system and marking answered questions as *****Answered"*****

Hi Victor, 

Thanks, in our deployments, we usually manually assign ALL radios, before deploying them.

However, when we had Meraki deployments in Mesh, I have read that we only need to set the freq. on the RAP(its called Gateway AP for Meraki) and all the rest of the MAPs(Repeater APs for Meraki) will follow.

So that means, let's, say in future deployments, I can just set the freq. of the RAP and leave the MAP to auto-negotiate, and everything will be fine right??

For me, this would be pratical, for example, when we find that there is interference in that frequency - so the quickest way is to simply change the RAP freq. and poof, MAPs will follow ^_^

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