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WLC replacement - two dynamic interfaces in two different wlc(old and new)

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we are running with wireless controller which getting closer end of life, and so, plan to refresh with new wireless controller. what I'm thinking to replace it simple(retain all the IP info as possible) and safely. 

I have in mind to install another new new wireless controller with another dynamic interface in same vlanto migrate AP from current to new one.

Instead of migrating at once, we will try to move one AP and do the test with new dynamic interface on new Wireless controller , if works, then we will move all AP to new new wireless controller and shutdown with previous new wireless controller.


is this approach fine to assist? are there any issue when another dynamic interfaces are co-existed in same vlan?


I have attached the simple step to replace, and let me know any comment.


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Sandeep Choudhary
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

it will work.


*****Use different IP on new WLC in same subnet (thats most improtent) *****

Just configure the the new WLC mgmt interface in same subnet as old one.

and also use the same dynamic interface in same subnet as in old wlc.




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Haydn Andrews
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

I have used this approach before. Just make sure that there is no duplication of the IPs 

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