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wlc - ssid

hi! my current network segment used for my ssid: test1 is not sufficient for the client connection. I'm thinking of creating another network segment to be used for ssid test1, which i meant i would have 2 network segment used by 1 ssid. is that possible?

another question is that if the current segment is

for 10.1.1.x/24, is it possible to extend it to 10.1.1.x/23 with 10.1.0.x/24 already in used? thx

john smith

yes  it is possible

it seems you want to increase the number of hosts

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Hi! For the network expansion question. Can I expand 10.1.1.x/24 to 10.1.0/23 even though I've Host already using IP eg My understanding is that's not possible because I would hv ip conflict ( with different mask Of /23 n /24 for the same ip). correct me if I'm wrong thk.

If you are asking can you overlap subnets on you  network. You sure can , but not advisiable as you will have routing issues.

Sometimes, its easier to create a new dynamic interface on the WLC, plan an outage and move the WLAN interface.

Or perhaps do an AP group or if you are using M1 code use vlan select and add another subnet and map accordingly.

btw -- Hi Wesley

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The way you go about doing this will be up to you.

If you have the means to change your already defined 10.1.1.X/24 into a 10.1.0.X/23 ( - then you just change the dynamic interface on the wlan to match what you changed on the infrastructure.

However, if 10.1.1.X/24 is like VLAN 10,  and you want to add a VLAN11 10.1.2.X/24 to your SSID, then you can use and "Interface Groups", so you can group two different dynamic interfaces for use with the 1 WLAN.

-Wesley Terry

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