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WLC2504 cange the IOS and backup the License

I have a question about updating the IOS of the WLC 2504 
and backing up the license files in advance and then importing
them again after the backup to a higher IOS version has worked. I hope someone can help me there. Oh yes, I am a nature German
speaker. Maybe there is someone here who can help me in my native
language :-) I look forward to your help. Best regards
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Hello Hans,

You don't need to backup the license if you only plan to upgrade the software.

Even after the software upgrade, license remains in the WLC.



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To upgrade WLC you do not require to take a backup of the Licence, until any upgrade steps suggest this.

you can take config backup and if you like you can copy the License to TFTP 

example take a backup :

Note: when you upgrade to the latest version of the code, make you read the release notes, and check the compatibility of the AP matrix.


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can you maybe tell me how I get the new IOS on the WLC and how I then
get the WLC to load the new IOS too. Unfortunately, I'm not a CCNA Wireless
and I'm currently just looking for the right instructions. I got an up-to-date
AES file from Cisco TAC. But unfortunately I don't know how to get them
on the WLC.

I would be happy if someone from you could help me.

I look forward to your help.

Best regards

Here is the process to upgrade:


Viele Grüsse

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