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WLSE Fault Notfication - no DeviceName

When my WLSE 2.13 appliance sends an email Fault Notification, the information in the email does not show the Device Name of the relevent AP, only its IP address, as follows:

FaultId: 1237

DeviceId: 102882



MO: Radio-A Port Dot11Radio1

Change: Port is UP

ChangeSeverity: OK

StateChange: PortStatus is Up

AlarmState: Cleared

OverallSeverity: OK

DeviceType: IOSAccessPoint

I have checked the config of the WLSE and it does have the device names listed in the device inventory, and I have the proper DNS settings set on the Admin tab. I have also confirmed that the correct entries exist for the APs in the forward and reverse lookup zones on our DNS server.

The other problem I have found is that for some faults, like the one above, even though I get an email ntofitication for the event, I cannot find this fault on the WLSE's Display Faults tab. Any idea why?

Thanks in advance.



In the discovery advanced options, is the name format set to %dns%?. If so, does the nslookup from the CLI on the above device resolve correctly both in forward and reverse directions?, Your symptoms match an old bug, but that is fixed in 2.13 which what you're using.

Name Format is currently set to:


Also, on this same page, the "Use reverse DNS lookup" is checked.

From the CLI, an nslookup hostname does properly resolve to the IP address, but a reverse name resolve did not work.

I checked the admin page and found that although I had two dns servers specified, the nslookup only looked at one of the servers... the one without the reverse lookup zone entries for the APs!! I removed that DNS server entry from the admin page and then retried the nslookup in both directions and this time it worked as expected with our primary DNS server.

Thanks very much for steering me in the right direction and referring me to the CLI nslookup command.

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