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7600 switching replacement - ASR9000?

We have used the Cisco 7600 as a combination router and switch for many years. We recently began replacing the 7600 with the ASR9000 chassis for L3 routing functions. However, we are not convinced the ASR is the right choice for L2 switching. I am looking for opinions on this and/or recommendations for hardware to replace the switching functions in the 7600. Thanks!

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Have you looked at the 6880?

Have you looked at the 6880?  What is the ASR not doing that you need?


We use the ASR9000 L2 for

We use the ASR9000 L2 for unicast applications with very few issues. We ran into issues when creating L2 access ports on the ASR and feeding multicast video to video equipment connected to the access ports. We use sparse-mode with SSM, IGMPv2 with static SSM mappings, all inside a VRF. We had no issues when streaming 1Gbps video. Video would begin tiling at 2Gbps. At 2.5Gbps+ the video was unrecognizable and unicast data would be affected as well  (intermittent packet loss). The router was running XR ver 4.x at the time. Cisco TAC was involved but no solution was found. There may have been improvements between now and then and and we have not tested it since. This situation caused use to keep the 7600 around for multicast video and moved all else to the ASR. Now the 7600 is EOL. We need to decide if we should attempt video on the ASR again or replace the 7600 with a 6800 as p.dath suggested. Thank you for your responses. Please let me know if you have any other input or suggestions for us. We are looking into the 6800 series. Thanks again!


Amongst other reasons I

Amongst other reasons I welcomed ASR9K as a replacement, was the out of the box MPP/LPTS, as well as the use of IOS XR.

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The migration from 7600 to

The migration from 7600 to ASR9K is natural path for our customers. Thats clearly our migration strategy, it can do L2 and L3 very well, scale and performance unmatched. We have a few docs on this migration on the forum here. 




Thanks very much for your response. Where do I go to download the migration documents?


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Re: The migration from 7600 to ASR

Hi team please help me with the document for 7600 to ASR.


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Re: The migration from 7600 to ASR



Please reference Xander's post on the IOS to IOS-XR migration:


Hope this helps.




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