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Ask The Expert: Introduction to Cisco ASR 1000 Series Aggregation Services Routers

Community Manager
Community Manager

Manigandan B

Welcome to the Cisco Support Community Ask the Expert conversation. Learn from Cisco expert Manigandan B about the architecture, features, performance and benefits of Cisco ASR 1000 Series Routers. This event is a continuation of the Cisco live Facebook Forum, where you can ask additional questions to the expert.

Manigandan B. is a technical services engineer at Cisco working as a team leader for the Enterprise Services team. He works primarily with customers and their escalations in the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region. His areas of expertise are architecture of routers, Cisco IOS, QoS, packet tracing, Cisco Express Forwarding, Cisco NetFlow, Network Address Translation, and other router platform issues. Mani has been associated with Cisco for more than 3 years, having joined Cisco after receiving a bachelor's degree in electronics and communication engineering. He also holds CCNA, CCNP, and ITIL certifications.

Remember to use the rating system to let Manigandan know if you have received an adequate response. 

Manigandan might not be able to answer each question due to the volume expected during this event. Remember that you can continue the conversation on the Network Infrastructure sub-community discussion forum shortly after the event.   This event lasts through March 6 , 2012. Visit this forum often to view responses to your questions and the questions of other community members.

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Hello Dragana,

I think the box is overloaded.  For ESP10, the scale on NAT and FW are:

FW only: 1M
NAT only: 1M
FW+NAT: 500k

The box is performing more than what it's supposed to:).
Best wishes.   Thanks.



I went to one of the ASR data sheets you commended and searched for TCAM.  That doesn't appear.  Does that mean that the ASR does not use TCAM?  What does it use instead?

I did find the claim that up to 4 M IPv4 routes are supported.  And another claim that up to 4 M IPv6 routes.  What is not clear from that claim is whether it is EITHER v6 OR v4, or both 4 M v6 and v4 at the same time. 

Perhaps I am looking for a technical architecture document.  What might that be?


jim warner

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hello Jim,

ASR1k indeed uses TCAM.  You can check the TCAM utilization with:

"show platform hardware cpp active tcam resource-manager usage"
show command.

Also coming back to your scalbility question, In this data sheet:

You will see:

*1,000,000 IPv4 and 500,000 IPv6 routes*

The number advertised in the data sheet is more conservation and suitable for

real-world deployment.

In this datasheet:

*Scalability to 1,000,000 IPv4 or 250,000 IPv6 routes*

The v6 number in the 2nd data sheet (250K) is what we advertised, even though

RP1+ESP10 has no problem to handle 500K routes.

For combinated v4/v6 routes, you can have a percentage of routes in v4 and the

rest percentage routes in v6.

For example, 1M v4 routes or 250K v6 routes.

You can have 50% v4 routes, 50%x1M = 500K v4 routes with 50% v6 routes,

50%x250K = 125K v6 routes.

Another example, you can have 80% v4 routes with 20% v6 routes, which is

800K v4 routes and 50K v6 routes.

Hope this helps better.  Best wishes.




Hi mani, Im Thamizh. Im working as a networking Enginner in a company for past 10 months. I need NMetworking Interview qus and answers for 1 year experienced N/w engineer. Kindly help me.Because i need to join in another good company. In my company only level 1 job. I need to improve my skills. So i request you kindly give the Interview qus...

Thanks and Regards



Hello Thamizh,

Its really off the topic.  But let me give you some pointers.  The place to start with basics and to go on is with CCNA certification for the stream you like.  This certification will help you master the basics and you should good enough to attend interviews owning one. More technical stuff on CCNA free for all:

Best wishes and good luck. 





First, I want to tell you that I realy appreciated your return and answers about this platform. I have two questions :

- The first is about QoS. When reading this document, it seems to be planned to support "min bandwith percent propagation" and "mixed bandwidth types" in child classes on ASR1K. Can you tell us when we could use this feature? Meanwhile, I use bandwith remaining percent/ratio but it's not the same thing (difference between minimum and excess bandwitdh).

- We use ISIS as our IGP. I read many docs about pak_priority, but I used to assign bandwith reservation for management protocol. For this I try NBAR, but ISIS seems to not be supported on ASR1000 ('match protocol clns_is' is not supported on this platform").

I had other questions about "object-group" and "temp warnings" but you already answered....

Thanks in advance

Hello Anthony,

Hope I got your name right?:). 

1. Regarding your QOS question, you can either rely on per class equal share of the remaining bandwidth, which ASR1k''s code does - which is basically taking the remaining excess bandwidth and equally adding up to remanining classes - except priority class with has a implicit policer.  if you don't like this, you use the bandwidth remaining percentage CLI and decide what share the excess badwidth get's to classes - except priority class.  So choice is your's based on your need.

2. ISIS is not a IP packet, but its a "pak priority" packet.  We don't support the match protocol clns_is as of date.  What you can do, if you need to set some action - bandwidth/priority Q the packets, then you can define a class like this and take

appropriate action:

Lab_ASR1k#sh run | sec class-map

class-map match-any TEST

match destination-address mac 0180.C200.0014

match destination-address mac 0180.C200.0015

3. Glad that my post on obj ACL and cosmetic temperature issue addressed your query.

Best wishes and have a nice day.



Hello Mani..

Am working as network admin , they want to configure Cisco ASR 1002 router , pls kindly give solution.

Thanks In Advance


Hi Rajkumar,

Can you please be specific, and let me know what is that your customer needs to configure?.  Is it a new installation and you are looking for IOS-XE installation/upgrade assistance?.  Thanks.



Hi Mani,

we need to configure OSPF , BGP and QoS , SONET . Pls give the command to configure . Cisco ASR 1002 Router having Dual power supply , shall give power to Both power supply .

Thank you so much ! ! !


Hello Rajkumar,

Configuring all of these - OSPF, BGP, QOS and Sonet is no different with IOS-XE of ASR1k.

For configuring ospf:

BGP case studies:

QOS for ASR1k:



Best wishes. 



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