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Ask the Expert: IOS-XR Architecture and Troubleshooting

Monica Lluis
Level 9
Level 9

This session will provide an opportunity to learn and ask questions about Cisco IOS XR Software architecture which is modular and fully distributed network operating system used by most of the leading service providers in the industry. IOS XR is widely used in big platforms like GSR, CRS, NCS and ASR9K etc. You will also learn different troubleshooting scenarios and use cases on Cisco IOS XR Infrastructure, Configuration Management, XR Monitoring and Operations, process crash decode etc. c.

To participate in this event, please use the Reply Button to ask your question.

Ask questions from Monday June 6 to Friday June 17, 2016

Featured Experts

Raj Pathak is a customer support engineer in High-Touch Technical Services at Cisco specializing in service provider technologies and platforms. He serves as a support engineer for technical issues supporting Cisco IOS XR Software customers on Cisco CRS, ASR 9K and Cisco XR 12000 Series Routers. Raj has more than 10 years of experience in the IT industry and holds double CCIE certification (38760) in routing and switching and Data Center. He has already delivered webcast and other ask the expert session on cisco support community.

Sudhir Kumar is a customer support engineer in High-Touch Technical Services at Cisco specializing in service provider technologies and platforms. His areas of expertise include Cisco GSR, CRS, ASR 9K and Cisco XR 12000 Series Routers. Sudhir has more than 12 years of experience in the IT industry and holds CCIE certification (35219) in Service provider and Routing and switching and Data Centers. He has already delivered webcast and other ask the expert session on cisco support community. 

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We look forward to your participation. This event is open to all, including partners. Please Share this event in your social channels. Have a technical question? Get answers here before opening a TAC case by visiting the Cisco Support Community. 

I hope you and your love ones are safe and healthy
Monica Lluis
Community Manager Lead
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Charles Patrick
Level 1
Level 1


Can we move flash disk from running XR standby RP , like we do in 7600 platform to copy the images? Will it impact the system ?



Hi Charles,

Yes, it is going to be an impactive event. Standby RP will crash because unpacked form of operating system gets copied in disk during bootup process of stanby RP.

It is not similar like 7600 IOS platform, as Operating system loaded in memory in IOS platform like 7600. I hope above details answered your questions.

Sudhir Kumar

Hi Sudhir,

Thanks for the quick reply. Does it mean it will crash only standby RP or both RP ?



Hi Charles,

Same RP will crash where you will remove the disk. Removal of disk from standby will not impact active RP.

Sudhir Kumar

Thanks Sudhir.

Hi Raj Pathak , Hi Sudhir Kumar


Don't imagine how much i have been waiting Cisco XR Specialist  to come on board , guys Pls translate the below scenario to IOS XR RPL Config  , Diagram attached along this post 

Pls do ur best , such RPL Scenario inst available in cisco docs

0utbound policy

1. AS 52X accepts local routes from the 3 providors , along with default for the rest of the internet routes
2. Traffic destined to ISP-1 goes via ASR-1
3. Traffic destined to ISP-2 goes via ASR-1
4. Traffic destined to ISP-3 goes via ASR-2
5. all other traffic prefer ASR-1 ISP-1
6. if link to ISP-1 goes down traffic should re-route it via ASR-1 ISP-2
7. if link to ISP-2 goes down traffic should re-route it via ASR-2 ISP-3

Inbound policy

1. Traffic is destinet to PI Subnet 91.X.X.X/24 from Internet shoud come Via ASR-1 ISP-1
2. Traffic is destinet to PI Subnet 92.X.X.X/24 from Internet shoud come Via ASR-1 ISP-2
3. Traffic is destinet to PI Subnet 93.X.X.X/24 from Internet shoud come Via ASR-2 ISP-3
4. if one ISP or Link Fails , other ISP should route traffic back to AS 51.X.X.X from internet

Thanks all for ur help and support 


Sayed Hasan Moubrak

Hi Sayed,

Sorry for delayed response.I have gone through your query and understand that you are looking for scenario based RPL solution. There can be so many RPL scenario and few generic scenario may be available on Cisco website. Designing an RPL solution need complete assessment of network, I would suggest you open a TAC case or consult with your Cisco accounts representative for this.

I cannot make suggestion or recommendations on a particular scenario here, however you can refer below link specific on RPL topic “ASR9000/XR: Understanding and using RPL”to understand RPL in detail. If you have any specific question related to RPL function you can also put your questions there.

Sudhir Kumar

Hi Sudhir Kumar

Can u help in this config , or open TAC Case for me , it would be appreciated

We dont have Tac contract as we bought these 2 devices from a refurbish source   ,,,, is mail to communicate with me


Authorized Cisco reseller for Cisco refurbish product can guide you to open TAC case as it requires customer contact detail and product serial number etc.

You can share the serial number of product , I will try to check internally if i can help in this situation or not.

Sudhir Kumar

Hi Sudhir

as i mentioned bro , no  contract as its refurbish,

pls as you from Cisco , let them help in the configuration , there  is no such config scenario based XR in Cisco Docs

I have posted in the support community forum , if you know some one to help

thanks bro


Thanks for posting your question on support community. As I said earlier there can be so many scenarios depending on customer's need, and few possible scenario might be available on cisco website as an example. You can use those scenarios and design your network configuration using RPL. You can also follow up your post on support community.

Please rate helpful posts

Sudhir Kumar.

Hi Sudhir Kumar

thanks for ur reply ,since you are cisco engineer  would you be able to search for me in TAC Data base for similar config with regard to my scenario or at least one of ur TAC Team freind help you to manage this RPL Config for me  below is my adress


Sayed Hasan mubarak

Hi Sudhir Kumar

Any reply yet


Hello Sayed,

I really appreciate you participation on this forum. however you have to understand that its not possible to prepare configuration for you on such forum. As we said earlier also if you have any specific questions we can try answer that here.

Please get in touch with your Cisco representatives for such help.


Raj Pathak