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ASR9K A9K-RSP-4G IOS-XR 5.3.4 ServicePack 4

Any sucess stories on ASR9K A9K-RSP-4G IOS-XR 5.3.4 ServicePack 4?


I have upgraded the router to IOS-XR 5.3.4 and have done the repatitioning thing. I now have about 400mb left on disk0:


I would like to install servicepack 4, but it seems impossible with as litte as 400 mb left on storage.


Is there any workarounds?





No one?


Is it possible to install the servicepack on disk1: if you brake the disk mirroring, nd still have the base files on disk0?






A given image set, say 5.3.4 needs to all be contained on one disk. You can have multiple releases such as 5.1.3 and 5.3.4 on any one disk or on multiple disks but all SMUs, SPs, etc for a given release must be on the same disk as the base release.


Do you have any files on disk0:? Disk0: should only be used for OS files, no tar files, no SMUs, no SPs, etc. Those files should be kept on the harddisk to conserve space.




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