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ASR9k :: Power supply redundancy

Tom Marcoen
Level 1
Level 1

Hey guys

Another ASR9k question from me, this time about power supply redundancy. We connected all eight power supplies on the ASR9010 as can be seen in the picture. The four connectors to the left go to feed A, the four connectors on the right to feed B.

The problem I was facing is that I only powered on one power bay (no production yet - I had to do a quick config check) and when the DC briefly lost power (I assume one of the feeds for testing), my router went down.

The question thus is, which power outlet on the back goes to tray 1 internally and which outlet goes to tray 2? Should I connect the cables like this to have feed A supply power to 2 PSUs in tray 1 and 2 PSUs in tray 2?

Second question, is there N+N redundancy or N+1? I.e. if the chassis is fully equiped with 8 line cards, do I then require 4 PSUs (and another 4 for redundancy)? Or do I then need 7 PSUs to power the chassis and I only get 1 for redundancy?



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