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ASR9k VRF license expire during upgrade?



I have upgraded a spare RSP with an installed vrf license to 4.3.4 in a spare chassie. When  moving this RSP to another chassie we get an error message during bootup. It is whining about the vrf license.


Anybody had the same problem?


It says that the license is acquired

RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:rtr10.tom(admin)#sh license log operational
Wed Apr 23 09:44:03.572 METDST
#ID     :SDR     :FeatureID       :NodeID    :Time:   Log  
1       :Owner   :A9K-iVRF-LIC    :0/1/CPU0  :Wed Apr 23 05:26:46 2014: license_acquire: opaque_string (null), result(No error)
2       :Owner   :A9K-iVRF-LIC    :0/1/CPU0  :Wed Apr 23 05:58:59 2014: license_acquire: opaque_string (null), result(No error)
3       :Owner   :A9K-iVRF-LIC    :0/1/CPU0  :Wed Apr 23 06:02:29 2014: license_acquire: opaque_string (null), result(No error)

RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:rtr10.tom(admin)#sh license
Wed Apr 23 09:45:17.412 METDST

FeatureID: A9K-iVRF-LIC (Slot based, Permanent)  
  Total licenses 1
  Available for use         0
  Allocated to location     0
  Active                    1
  Store name             Permanent
  Store index               1
    Pool: Owner
      Total licenses in pool: 1
      Status: Available     0    Operational:    1
      Locations with licenses: (Active/Allocated) [SDR]
              0/1/CPU0        (1/0) [Owner]

  RMA: S/N XXXXXXX:    1 licenses will expire in 90 days


What is this RMA license expire thing, and how do one get rid of it? Should i reinstall the vrf-license in the new chassie?






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Hello Adreas,

You should not worry about that. You are probably hitting CSCue12028.

As such i would recommend to locate your ".lic" file on disk0: or harddisk: and re-install it.

The correct steps to re-install the licenses would be (using a Cisco-support username)

Copy the license files to a secure location (just in case)

(admin)#clear license (and hit the YES)

(admin)# license add disk0:license.lic

(admin-config)#no license xxx location xxx

re-configure the license using the “license xxx location xxx” in admin-config mode




Thanx for reply.


There still seems to be some problem, becouse 'sh license udi' reports the S/N of my spare chassis and not my running chassie. So i cannot remove the license and i am not allowed to add the original license (the one with the right S/N) becouse the RSP still believe in the old chassis S/N.

While trying to remove;

Error: 'License Manager' detected the 'warning' condition 'There were still some other licenses active'.


While trying to add the correct one;

Error: 'License Manager' detected the 'warning' condition 'Database and chassis UDI information do not match'.


Hello Andreas,

can you provide me this:

admin show license
admin show license trace
show install active summary
show platform
show run
admin show run




Thanx, but I will go to the TAC whith this one.


The serial does not match according to below


RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:(admin)#  sh inventory chassis
Wed Apr 23 14:54:42.066 METDST
NAME: "chassis ASR-9006-DC", DESCR: "ASR-9006 DC Chassis"
PID: ASR-9006-DC, VID: V01, SN: FOX1xxxGMV9

RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:(admin)#sh license udi
Wed Apr 23 14:54:45.234 METDST

Local Chassis UDI Information:
  PID         : ASR-9006-DC
  S/N         : FOX1xxxGH7C
  Operation ID: 1


Any updates?

I'm guessing the outcome is to install the RSP without the license and then load on the chassis with the correct serial #.

I'm doing similar and want to know when/how I can move a license to a new RSP in the same chassis.


Thanks in advance


Hi Mike,


Everything you need to know is described in this article;



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