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Earlier this year I implemented a new SP network with 25 ASR 9k routers, a mix of 9001 and 9006. I created a tar file with the required packages, based on 4.3.0, and I used this same tar file to upgarade all the routers, without any problems.Now, I'm...

aacole by Contributor
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Hi I am trying to find a decent set of docs regarding the ISIS Loop Free Alternates on IOS-XR 4.3.1 for the ASR9K platforms.There seem to be lots of parameters to the CLI that dont appear in the documentation.I have for example a node with two uplink...

hi,I am doing redundancy tests in a ASR 9000 series router. I have two RSP440 cards in the router one actins as active and the other as standby.My first question is if it is possible to upgrade the standby card and then do a “redundancy switchover” w...

fachahbar by Beginner
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HiIs it possible to configure 1:1 NAT44 for certain users inside one large pool and other addresses to be used for dynamic NAT.I would like to reserve first 64 addresses for the servers and the rest to be assigned to subscribers.Thanks

omadonche by Beginner
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I'm confused and none of the documents I'm reading is helping.  I'm trying to do a local SPAN session on an ASR9K.  I'm using source ports that are sub-interfaces, like te0/4/0/5.1024 (but do not have the "l2transport" option enabled).  My destinatio...

tmarlow by Beginner
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