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Is the version of MIBs at: ftp://ftp-sj.cisco.com/pub/mibs/supportlists/asr9000/asr9000-supportlist.html the latest versions? I have downloaded MIBs form Cisco's FTP site and the versions appear to be more recent than what is listed in this FTP site....

msinno123 by Level 1
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               Hi guys!I've found one inconsintency between what "debug arp packets" shows and wireshark pcap's. Here is the output from debug arp packets:LC/0/2/CPU0:Feb 14 15:08:30.530 : arp[116]: ARP-PKT: rcvd req src 0040.4369.776a,LC/...

Good morning, I have the scheme, including three devices: C7200, ASR9k, C7600. C7200 and ASR are in the same AS (iBGP-vpnv4 peers). ASR and C7600 - eBGP-vpnv4 peers. All relationships have been established. I can ping 7600 from ASR within vrf, but I ...

Hello,On some non Cisco routers/switches there is Aggregation/super vlan concept, I wanted to configure something similar with ASR with evc/l2vpn.I want to have one big IP addres pule on dhcp server - all request should be sending from one  BVI helpe...

Hello,We are in the design phase for upgrading the exisiting POS connectivity between the P & PE router.1- A new module will be installed in the CRS-1 (2-10GE-WL-FLEX)2- A new module will be installed in the cisco7609-S (7600-ES20-2X10G)3- XFP-10GER-...

pemalcoun by Level 1
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