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Hi friends ,  What is the necessity of retain route-target all command on BGP RR? (IOS XR) When I tried with and without this did not notice any difference in sh bgp vpn4 unicast table . Thanks in advance.

Hi,  I need to track the status of a subinterface that only has ipv6 enabled on it. The problem I see is that when tracking the line-protocol state, the tracking feature seems to be following the ipv4 status. #show track BE101Fri Aug 20 09:20:21.902 ...

Hi,i have the following questions regarding ASR9000 family architecture: 1- as per Cisco documentation and presentations, ASR9922 has 1.2Tbps peer slot (bidirectional), meaning that the full chassis has 48Tbps. so how can this capacity acheived if ea...

k_abuasal by Beginner
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Hello everyone Our both 24X10 TR Line cards got powered off  because of following error messages and the only way we could bring them up was rebooting ASR9904 router manually . I do not know the reason if it is a power problem or a bug or something e...

behzadho by Beginner
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Seeing below logs on BNG, is there anything to worry about and what does it mean? LC/0/1/CPU0:Aug 11 08:16:53.748 IDT: syslog_dev[119]: fib_mgr[125] PID-5746: ILURE_NHINFOLC/0/1/CPU0:Aug 11 08:16:53.748 IDT: syslog_dev[119]: fib_mgr[125] PID-5746: fl...

e23 by Beginner
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