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We are trying to achieve the goal of persistent load-balancing with ASR9000. The network is a Data Center based on Kubernetes, where the ASR9000 works as DC gateway for all worker nodes. However, after the link fails toward one worker, the routing ta...

danyguo30 by Level 1
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Hi, At few ASR 9006 I have hardware like below: 0/RSP0/CPU0 A9K-RSP440-TR(Standby) IOS XR RUN PWR,NSHUT,MON0/RSP1/CPU0 A9K-RSP440-TR(Active) IOS XR RUN PWR,NSHUT,MON0/FT0/SP ASR-9006-FAN-V2 READY0/FT1/SP ASR-9006-FAN-V2 READY0/0/CPU0 A9K-MOD80-TR IOS...

pawkm by Level 1
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I have a chassis ASR9010, which include 2xRSP880-TR; 2xMOD80, FANv1, PEMv1. It is running IOS XR 32bit 6.1.4. This configuration will grow in coming months and we may add 8x100G line cards to this router system.I intend to buy 4 A9K-8HG-FLEX-FC Linec...

Hi everyone, I have some ASR9k on different IOS XR versions within the network. The problem is that my ASR 9001 running Version 5.3.2 is not able to authenticate me against the Radius server (Microsoft NPS 2016). On the server I am getting the follow...

mareeast by Level 1
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Hello,I would like to leak a prefix (loopback) from the GRT to a VRF than advertise it in the L3VPN but it doesn't work: asr9901-1:interface Loopback36ipv4 address RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:asr9901-1#show route May 31 ...

Youn88 by Level 1
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Hi, Can you please help me with the required AAA config on XR9k. This is my current config which is not working (debugs below): radius source-interface X vrf Mgmtradius-server vsa attribute ignore unknownradius-server host X.X.X.X auth-port X.X.X.X a...

mareeast by Level 1
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Hello,I've seen that to be able to change PEM on a 9010 ASR. My customer has ordered a 9010 with a DC PEM, and he has no option for DC power in its datacenter. I wonder if I can buy a AC PEM, boot the 9010 with the AC PEM and change the EEPROM after ...

Hi, there are these syslog message that we occasionally get on our XR router with regards to BGP NSR going down on the standby RP. When we check the BGP neighborship or BGP NSR related commands were not seeing any flaps or anything unusual. Any parti...

Hi guysI have to configure an xconnect between a PE with ios XR version and a PE with ios XE version.The scenario is as follows:  I have 2 switches that have vlan, in this case 100, which must communicate through an MPLS network.The MPLS network is c...

vin.marco by Level 1
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