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NCS5504 issue with EPNM monitoring

Hi Community, We are implementing EPNM monitoring on our network and facing some small issues regarding NCS platform BGP monitoring. Not sure if the issue is from NCS side or from EPNM BGP traps are coming to EPNM as Generic Traps and not under the B...

n.t85 by Beginner
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Resolved! ASR9k VMs: disks and files

Dear all,I experienced a crash which affected one of the RSPs of our ASR9906. Following the crash, a crash file was created which is located within the disk space of the System Admin VM, in the folder cisco_support/.My question is: how do I take out ...

simone.c by Beginner
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Artesyn power supply

Has anyone else had issues with power supplies from Artesyn?  I have two A9K-750W-AC power supplies with Artesyn labels that i am getting weird errors from.  ASR9001 with 5.3.4.  The router boots, but the LC stays in fail and i get the following log ...


dears i have installed 2 RSP880 as active/standby. but while doing #show redundancy i seeNode 0/RSP0/CPU0 is in ACTIVE roleNode Redundancy Partner (0/RSP1/CPU0) is in STANDBY roleStandby node in 0/RSP1/CPU0 is readyStandby node in 0/RSP1/CPU0 is NSR-...

Ahmed Ash by Beginner
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PPPoE MTU and fragmentation

Hello allWe have subscribers having issues on one of our aggregation routers (asr9001) that sound like MTU problems but I can't seem to work out how to fix them - any pointers would be greatly appreciated. We are trying to use an MTU of 1492, does th...

RSP880 stuck in reboot

hello Experties We have ASR9k10 with single RSP440 installed as active the plane to upgrade it to RSP880 after shutting down the device the replace it with single RSP880 and booting up it got only rebooting again and againcopy of what showing in cons...

Ahmed Ash by Beginner
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Resolved! next-hop self for "network" statement

Consider the following scenario:  Static route of a /24 to a downstream customer router.  Customer isn't running BGP with us, so we advertise his /24 on our IOS XR router and static route it to his connection. When using 'network' statement to advert...

James Jun by Beginner
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