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Hi, All: I'm installing an ASR 9912 from scratch for the first time. Because of an IOS downgrade and SMUs, I've seen it boot 3 times and every time it starts with RP1 as the primary processor. I've software tested redundancy switchover and everything...

I have a problem to limit the bandwidth of clients in the IOS XR of a 9006. I am proceeding with the blocking according to what was done in the other versions but the same is not working. Can someone help me with this configuration?ipv4 access-list F...

Hi all,does anybody have any idea what is the meaning of the following line: Oper. Status/Control: Tx Disabled, LOS, which is found in a show controllers GigabitEthernet0/0/1/12 phy output, for a fiber interface which is up and running?Thanks,Simone

simone.c by Beginner
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Hi all, I'm trying to understand what is the purpose/importance of performing a install commit after having installed couple of packages in my ASR9906. I noticed that if I perform a reload without committing, the packages will still be available afte...

simone.c by Beginner
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All, From my understanding, the following route policy:route-policy TEST_EIGRP_OUT if destination in TEST_EIGRP_OUT then  drop else  pass endif set eigrp-metric 10000 27000 255 1 1500end-policy Should be written:route-policy TEST_EIGRP_OUT if destina...