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Dmitry Filchakov



I would appreciate if you could help me with IOS XR snmp.

I have a problem with BGP4-MIB, for example i need to know BGP peers addreses - bgpPeerRemoteAddr . But i see only neighbors wich are in global routing table. If BGP neighbor in VRF i can't monitor that via SNMP.

For example:

snmpwalk -v2c -c cisco .
iso. = IpAddress:
iso. = IpAddress: and in global, but also i have BGP neighbors inside a VRF:

router bgp 1111
 address-family ipv4 unicast
 address-family vpnv4 unicast
 address-family ipv6 unicast
 address-family vpnv6 unicast
  use neighbor-group RRClient
  use neighbor-group RRClient
 vrf Border
   use neighbor-group ServiceZone

So, why bgpPeerRemoteAddr . doesn't show me neighbor? For Catalyst 6500 it works fine.

Also i need to monitor this:

bgpPeerRemoteAs .
bgpPeerAdminStatus .
bgpPeerInTotalMessages .
bgpPeerOutTotalMessages .
bgpPeerInUpdates .
bgpPeerOutUpdates .
cbgpPeerAcceptedPrefixes .
cbgpPeerAdvertisedPrefixes .
cbgpPeerDeniedPrefixes .

All these indexes have the same problem, for neighbors and all good, but for nothing... 

Is it possible to monitor BGP neighbors inside a VRF? Any chance to monitor IPv6 BGP sessions via SNMP?

I use IOS XR version 5.3.1.



Eddie Chami
Cisco Employee

Here is a sample cnfig: I'll also attach a testlog.

snmp-server vrf one
 context cont-vrf1
snmp-server vrf two
 context cont-vrf2
snmp-server community bgp      <==== Community for VRF default
snmp-server community bgp-vrf1 <==== Community for VRF one
snmp-server community bgp-vrf2 <==== Community for VRF two
snmp-server context cont-vrf1
snmp-server context cont-vrf2
snmp-server community-map bgp-vrf1 context cont-vrf1
snmp-server community-map bgp-vrf2 context cont-vrf2

So the SNMP queries with community 'bgp' should provide information
from the default VRF, SNMP queries with community 'bgp-vrf1' should
provide information from VRF 'one', and SNMP queries with community
'bgp-vrf2' should provide information from VRF 'two'.

Big thanks, it works!

Is it possible to use one community for all VRF's?

Have not tried it, but since the server is per vrf, it wont work, did you try it?

echami, thanks for quick replies!

Yes, i try it, didn't work. I need to monitor bgp sessions in global table and in VRFs with one community, because all our monitoring systems support only one community per device at the same time. So, now we must create different devices (cacti for example) for global and for VRFs - it is uncomfortably, it is a big problem i should say...

Why cisco made different community for it? How i can use only one community for everything?

Same issue here and it seems that there is (actually) no workarround


Hi Michel and Dmitry,


We are looking at enhancing the configuration, though you still need to have multi community support. XR is like this from day one (IOS was not, but now is) this is to comply with the standards.



Hi  Eddie Chami could you explain if there is another solution, because I have the same problem and cant see the peer for vrf's.



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