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Can't downgrade the fpga6

Install a A9K 10G module and align the SW, observed the spa fpga6 can't be downgraded even the command was accepted. Any hints ?

LC/0/3/CPU0:Dec 18 17:27:45.529 : lda_server[247]:  ##### init_spi_ctrl_dev.1188: controller rouge-spi-ctrl instance 0 bay 0 spi_ctrl_fpga_base 0xa8000000 mmap_size 0x1000000

LC/0/3/CPU0:Dec 18 17:27:57.147 : lc_fpd_upgrade[246]: %PLATFORM-UPGRADE_FPD-6-PASSED : Successfully downgrade fpga6 subtype image for SPA_NAME_UNKNOWN on location 0/3/0

RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:Dec 18 17:27:57.160 : upgrade_fpd_cli[65874]: %PLATFORM-UPGRADE_FPD-6-STATUS_LOC : Upgrade is going on: FPD upgrade completed for location  node0_3_CPU0

RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:Dec 18 17:27:59.407 : upgrade_fpd_cli[65874]: %PLATFORM-UPGRADE_FPD-6-STATUS : FPD upgrade completed.

Starting the upgrade/download of following FPD:

=========== ==== ======= ======= =========== =========

                                   Current    Upg/Dng

Location    Type Subtype Upg/Dng   Version    Version

=========== ==== ======= ======= =========== =========

0/3/0       spa  fpga6   dng         1.06        0.09  


FPD upgrade in progress. Max timeout remaining 89 min.

Successfully downgraded   fpga6 for       A9K-MPA-4X10GE on location       0/3/0 from  1.06 to  0.09

RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:wttasr9k01(admin)#sh hw-module fpd location all            

Tue Dec 18 17:28:21.925 HKT

Location     Card Type                Version Type Subtype Inst   Version   Dng?

============ ======================== ======= ==== ======= ==== =========== ====


0/3/0        A9K-MPA-4X10GE             1.101 spa  fpga6   0       1.06     Yes


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Cisco Employee

Re: Can't downgrade the fpga6

Hello Yuen,

There are few things to note:

1.  After an upgrade the card requires reload and that is shown when you start the upgrade procedure:


  - The upgrade operation of the target module will not interrupt its normal

    operation. However, for the changes to take effect, the target module

    will need to be manually reloaded after the upgrade operation. This can

    be accomplished with the use of "hw-module reload" command.

  - If automatic reload operation is desired after the upgrade, please use

    the "reload" option at the end of the upgrade command.

  - The output of "show hw-module fpd location" command will not display

    correct version information after the upgrade if the target module is

    not reloaded.

2. For a downgrade we may require Force keyword:

     upgrade hw-module fpd all force location x/y/z



Cisco Employee

Re: Can't downgrade the fpga6

If I may complete Alexei's answer, all firmware version are backward compatible.

So, except specific notification from the TAC, there is no reason to downgrade a firmware/rommon.

Kind regards,


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