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CRS PCMCIA flashdisk 4 gig two partition, with ios 4.1.2 requirement

Dear all,

i got a issue.

On the document CRS Upgrade procedure to 4.1.2 its says requirement is 2 Gig. But the software will consume about 1.2 Gig + 30% spare disk.

On our CRS we find out that we have 4Gig PCMCIA, and on the "configuring disk backup/mirroring on CRS", its default that disk above 3Gig will be splitted into 2 parts, 2Gig disk0: and 2Gig disk0a:

the question is :

1. is 4.1.2 is ok with only 2 Gig ?

    Size(b)     Free(b)        Type  Flags  Prefixes

  2102722560   818806784  flash-disk     rw  disk0:

  2102788096  2102034432  flash-disk     rw  disk0a:

[K  Active Packages:







disk0 has only free 810MB, mean while disk0a is almost free

2. how to destroy the partition, and use the full amount of PCMCIA disk ? is it recommended by cisco ?


Budi L

Alexei Kiritchenko
Cisco Employee

Hello Budi,

Yes, we’d better to have 4G disk.

Few big reasons:

  • XR systems run from a disk meaning with time disks utilization grows a bit keeping all traces, history, logs…
  • There should be enough space for SMU installation (if needed)
  • You won’t be able to upgrade to a next version and there won’t be enough space to load and deploy a new release. TURBOBOOT would be needed.

4G disk should be split for 3.5G and 0.5G using FAT32 FS.

Here is what i’d recommend to do:

1. Format the disk0 on the standby RP first. Here i assume your standby RP is 1

    format disk0: partition filesystem fat 32 location 0/RP1/CPU0

This will format the boot device of the standby RP and will result in a reload of the standby RP. The disk will be formatted with two partition of 3.5, and .5 gig.

2. Allow the standby RP to synchronize all the files from the Active Route Processor. If there is only one active IOS XR and no inactive IOS XR files, this should take 45 to 60 minutes.

3. Wait for the Standby Route Processor to be in Ready State. You can check this using the “show redundancy” command.

4. Force the router to switch over to the Standby Route Processor using the command “redundancy switchover”. Note: There may be a slight service outage depending on your configuration.

5. Format disk0 on the new standby RP.

    format disk0: partition filesystem fat32 location 0/RP0/CPU0

This will format the boot device of the new standby RP and will result in a reload of the standby RP.



Hi Budi,

on top of Alex procedure, I would also suggest to get rid (install deactivate / remove) the CGN package is you don't have a CGSE card in your routers. It's one of the largest package and if you don't have the service card inserted in your router, it's useless. You still can re-install it in the future if you decide to insert a CGSE.




Hi Budi,

Here the FN for the problem.