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Error with ASR-9001 running 5.3.1

We have an ASR-9001 unit that was upgraded from 5.1.3 to 5.3.1.  After the upgrade with the TURBOBOOT process, the following messages appear during the boot up:

2015-10-27 09:58:29 UTC 0/RSP0/CPU0 /zl30160_hal.c:265: (ERROR) zl30160_reg_write: I2C write fails for offset 0x7f reason: Input/output error

2015-10-27 09:58:29 UTC 0/RSP0/CPU0 /zl30160_init_setup.c:450: (ERROR) zl30160_rsp3_setup: zl30160_rsp3_dpll_setup() failure reason: Input/output error

2015-10-27 09:58:29 UTC 0/RSP0/CPU0 /zl30160_main.c:335: (ERROR) main: zl30160_initial_device_setup() failure reason: Input/output error

RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:Oct 27 09:58:31.918 : imio[64]: %PLATFORM-IMIO-3-OPERATION_NOTIFY : imio_main: cold start

Also, we do not see the standard "SYSTEM CONFIGURATION IN PROCESS" message.

When the system completes the boot up, the "sh platform" command shows that everything is working OK

However, we we run the "sh diagnostic result" command, we get the message that the node is not running as below:

RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:ios(admin)#sh diagn res loc all

Tue Oct 27 10:35:35.255 UTC

Diagnostic[loc/sub_loc: 1/-1]: Diag get data error: no diag process running for the node or the node is not up.

ASR9001-LC 0/0/CPU0:

  Overall diagnostic result: PASS

  Diagnostic level at card bootup: bypass

  Test results: (. = Pass, F = Fail, U = Untested)

  1  ) LcEobcHeartbeat -----------------> .

  2  ) FIAScratchRegister --------------> .

  3  ) BWScratchRegister ---------------> .

  4  ) WLScratchRegister ---------------> .

  5  ) NPULoopback ---------------------> .


Please let me know any suggestions.  Thank you.


I recommend consultung the

I recommend consultung the bug database before posting questions to the forum, took me 2 seconds to find out that your first errors are a cosmetic issue:

Regarding the diag error though I did not find anything, might be a new bug. In 5.1.3 the command works as expected. If the the diag functionality is critical to you I recommend opening a TAC case.




Thank you for your comment.

Thank you for your comment.  I saw the bug database, but I was more concerned about the message " diag process running for the node or the node is not up."  I guess it is not very important message since everything shows as "UP" with the "sh platform" command.

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