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Finger Service/process equivalent on IOS-XR


We are in progress of upgrading from ASR1004s (XE 3.16.08) to ASR9901 BNGs (7.5.2).  In doing so, we no longer have the ability to show connected PPPoE sessions using a simple "telnet {ROUTER} finger".  We have a Unix server that would issue the command and then parse the finger output for various accounting/management (like kicking off users).

What would the equivalent command/process for this be?  Am I overlooking something or are we looking at using netconf/gRPC?  Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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Cisco no Longer uses Finger Services.


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Yes, I know that finger is no longer an option.  This is why I am asking for an equivalent function/command.

Yes.  As a stopgap, we are currently utilizing combination of SSH/XML to make the "show subscriber session username".  This works satisfactory, but we are facing an issue after a couple of hours with some kind of "resource depletion" and lose the ability to ssh/console into the router.  We have an open TAC case open on this issue (possible bug in 7.5.2??). 

In the end, I am just looking for some direction on the best/preferred/most efficient way to pull PPPoE subscriber data.

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