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Good IOS software for sub-interface on ASR920

Hi All,


I use Cisco ASR920 with Cisco IOS XE Software (PPC_LINUX_IOSD-UNIVERSALK9_NPE-M), Version 16.8.1b, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1) and I can not  create a sub-interface. 

I'm looking for a good IOS sofware which can permit me to create a sub-interface on Cisco ASR920 router.


Thanks in advance for your help.

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Re: Good IOS software for sub-interface on ASR920

The ASR-920 doesn't support subinterfaces.

You'll have to build out a service instance in a bridge domain and then use a BVI.


I would highly recommend watching this video series for configuring interfaces on the ASR 920.  While the purpose of the video series is to configure TDM pseudowires, they do cover configuring service instances and bridge domains with IP addresses as part of the underlay topology.


A good aspect of these videos is that they provide best practice guidelines for these configurations.

In this series of videos I will show you how to solve a common service provider challenge-how to implement a packet-based solution that transports TDM circuits from remote sites to a centralized point of presence, or POP, such as a telephone exchange.

Re: Good IOS software for sub-interface on ASR920

Hello @philclemens1835,
It not possible to install a IOS software version on ASR920 which can support Subinterfaces ?

Re: Good IOS software for sub-interface on ASR920

That is correct.  Even though the Cisco ASR 900-series and 920-series routers use IOS-XE, it's the carrier Ethernet flavor of XE.

Configuring the service instances and BDI's is not difficult.

Those videos are fairly short, and will fill you in on the config.



Re: Good IOS software for sub-interface on ASR920


You cannot create subinnterfaces like Gi0/0/0.123 in ASR920.

You cannot even create switch port trunk allow vlan x,y,z on as config on an interface.

You can create service instances and under that service instance you can configure a bridge-domain if you want to terminate there the L2 service and then have an interface Vlan and configure an IP to terminate the L3 service.

This being a very good thing for this type of router.

This is what I know about this router and this is how we are using it.
Maybe others know more.


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