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Vaibhava Varma

Issue with the License A9K-AIP-LIC-B and MPLS Configuration

Hi All,

We are having six ASR 9010 with IOS-XR-4.3.0 version, there are 3 line cards on each of the ASRs one A9k-8T-L and two A9k-40T-L. Also having a licence A9K-AIP-LIC-B.

During the commissioning uploaded the license on the two ASR and it is showing in available state when running the command " show license available ". Then added the license on the three line cards via " add license A9K-AIP-LIC-B location " command. To activate the license the on the three slot locations i created a vrf and configured the vrf on a single interfaces on all the three line cards. Then when i run the command " show license active " it is showing me the license A9K-AIP-LIC-B is active on all the three slots.

Now every time when i am deleting that particular vrf from the interface of any of the three line cards without creating any other vrf and associating that second vrf with any other interface it is always giving me an error

" LC/0/1/CPU0:May 17 02:05:34.460 SGT: rsi_agent[302]: %LICENSE-ASR9K_LICENSE-2-INFRA_VRF_NEEDED : 1 VRF(s) are configured without a valid license / license configuration for A9K-iVRF-LIC in violation of the Software Right To Use Agreement. This feature may be disabled by the system without the appropriate license. Contact Cisco to purchase the license immediately to avoid potential service interruption."

And when i do " show license " command it shows me that license is removed from that particualr slot and is in available condition. When i am trying to again add that license to that slot it is not getting allotted on that slot.

And i have to get that license regenrated from cisco for that particular chassis and again follow the same adding license procedure first remove the previous license and then add the new one.

But if i create some other vrf and configure that second vrf to some other interface of that particular line card and then tries to remove the first vrf everything is working fine.

So would like to know that do i have to have at least one vrf configured on any of the interface of a line card then only the license will be valid otherwise if i remove the license from all the interfaces of a particular line card, the license is getting invalid and i have to get it regenrated every time.

Also there is one more issue do i need to install the mpls package in ASR 9010 with IOS-XR-4.3.0 as whenever i am doing " show install active summary " command it is showing only the following packages :-

show install active summary

Tue Apr 30 12:23:50.114 UTC

Default Profile:



  Active Packages:



So do i need to install some other package for the mpls to work in my scenario.

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Cisco Employee

to allocate a license to a slot you need in admin config "license location 0/x/cpu0"

also you may get a lot of "joy" from the white paper on licensing, check the asr9k blog for that

as for the mpls pie, you only need the mpls pie if you want to do LDP, not for vrf's.

so vrf lite will require a license, but not the mpls pie.

if you want to do l3vpn with all bells and stuff, you need the mpls pie.

(it gives access to the mpls ldp sub config) dont ask me why it was perceived an optional pie