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NCS5501 Bundel QoS

Ali Hazim
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Level 1

Hi everyone,

I'm having an issue with QoS on bundle interfaces,

assume that I have a four 10G interfaces bundled, the overall bandwidth will be 40G, but when I apply a QoS policy to limit the traffic on the bundle interface, the maximum limit that I can set is 10G (anything above 10G is considered above the reference bandwidth and won't be accepted) is there any solution for this issue?

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.Seems like it is not recognised as bundle.

If you run show bundle bundle-ether <number>

Do you see all the interfaces?

Which IOS version are you running?

The interfaces are bundled properly since the traffic is distributed among them normally, the only problem I'm facing is with the QoS policy

I've faced this issue with two types of NCS (NCS5501, & NCS5700), both have the same problem, and they have different versions

Screenshot (531).pngScreenshot (532).pngScreenshot (533).png


in bundle you config Qos but the QoS in apply to all interface in bundle, 
I know you get 40G from bundle but each interface have 10G and this value what you should consider in QoS config