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Temperature thresholds for ASR9010

Thomas Vådahl
Level 1
Level 1

I know this question has been asked before, but I need to know the temperature thresholds of the ASR9010 platform in a table format. I would really like to see a table in the same format as presented for the ASR9001 ( Is there a similar table for the RSP440-TR and other RSP's also?

Can anyone provide these numbers? If not I would really like to know what thresholds i should use for Inlet0 and Hotspot0 for both chassis and RSP's. Is there any other temperature sensors I should worry about?

Kind regards,
Thomas Vådahl

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Aleksandar Vidakovic
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

hi Thomas,

asr9001 is a fixed architecture, that's why Sam could provide the complete data in two simple tables.

On modular asr9k platforms the different active components have different thresholds. If the temperature threshold is exceeded, the envmon subsystem will inform you through a syslog. If you want to see the major/critical temperature levels, use the "admin show environment table" command.

Hope this helps,


Thank you for your answer, Aleksandar. This makes sense. Anyway - are these thresholds documented anywhere for specific modules? We have a limited selection of modules in our 40 ASR9010, and I would really like to be able to monitor environment values from all these. As a minimum I would like to monitor the RSP's, but I can't seem to find any good documentation on this.

The command "admin show environment table" shows some of the values I want to see, but not everything. For example it shows this for our RSP440-TR:

R/S/I   Modules Sensor          Minor              Major              Critical                                             (Lo Hi)            (Lo Hi)            (Lo Hi)         
host    Hotspot0                --/   --           --/   --           --/   81
host    die_CPU                 --/   --           --/   70           --/   85

This means I have no idea when to raise a warning alarm for Hotspot0. I know that everything turns critical at 81, but I would also like to know when I should start to be worried, not just when I should panic ;-)

I am sure this documentation exists, but maybe everything is Cisco internal?

Kind regards,

hi Thomas,

I understand how the '--' in the table doesn't help set expectations. These values are not documented in any externally available document.

if you are polling the temperature readings and you want to introduce some thresholds to inform you when there is a deviation from normal behaviour in your network, it might even be better if you define your own thresholds based on "usual" temperature readings on your deployment.

In upcoming releases we are introducing a CLI to scale the defined thresholds to suite better various deployment scenarios. This will be useful for customers who don't necessarily poll the temp readings on regular basis and want the IOS XR to raise the alarm at lower temperatures than defined by us at Cisco.

I hope this helps,


Hi again Aleksandar,

Thanks again. We will set our own custom thresholds for our ASR9010, and just hope that we are not very far from Cisco's internal values. This is still something that would be really nice to have in the documentation, and I am pretty sure that all these values (including minor, major, critical, critical high, and shutdown) exists somewhere internally at Cisco.