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Upgrading 5.1.3 to 5.3.3 to start testing our bng...


Ok we just got our ASR9k1 and we are trying to get to the most stable version but i dont know if its just me but its been frustrating so far. 

First can't decide between which image to use, tried looking at the features comparer and basically still unsure if i need to load 3DES or not... I don't think so but i know ssh with other vendors is a different image/package than the standard one for export reasons...

Then i noted in the 5.3.3 update notes that for 5.1.3 i would need to load a new root certificate but when i click the instructions for that it takes me to the explanation and when i click the downlink link, it takes me to the download manager but then i can't find the root certificate to download....

So lets just say its been an unproductive first few days of having our ASR boxes any recommendations XD

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Aleksandar Vidakovic
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

The suggested IOS XR release for all ASR9k deployments is 5.3.3.

The yellow star next to a SW release in the Software Download tool identifies the suggested release. There is also a very good generic document at:

You need the k9 pie if you're planning on using ssh to connect to the router.

The certificate is packed into the same tarball with the SMU for CSCut52232. You should find the asr9k-px-5.1.3.CSCut52232.tar on in the Software Download tool.

Aleksandar PLEASE don't ever leave cisco! :)

So i load that CSCut root certificate to prep the box... then i can load the ASR9K-iosxr-px-5.3.3.tar and finally the SSH pie from asr9k-services-infra-px.pie-5.3.3.tar

Do i also need to install asr9k-px-5.3.3.sp2.tar and SMU's to be fully up to date?

As long as you remain our trusted customer, I'm happy to stay. ;)

First activate the certificate and the accompanying 5.1.3 SMU.

You don't have to activate the whole ASR9K-iosxr-px-5.3.3.tar. You can download the .tar to your FTP server, unpack it, and then copy to the router only those pies that you really require.

If you need the k9, you would have to download ASR9K-iosxr-px-k9-5.3.3.tar instead of ASR9K-iosxr-px-5.3.3.tar.

The asr9k-services-infra-px.pie-5.3.3 was uploaded to CCO as a separate package for some other reason. You can safely ignore it.

You can upload and activate the 5.3.3 SP2 together with the other 5.3.3 pies. That way you only need one reload.

hope this helps,


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