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Cisco Employee

New Release of YDK-Py has been posted (0.6.1)

Both ydk-gen and ydk-py have been updated at github.

Here is a list of features that have gone into the release:

2017-09-25 version 0.6.1


  • Updated cisco-ios-xr bundle to support Cisco IOS XR 6.3.1 release
  • Updated cisco-ios-xe bundle to continue to support Cisco IOS XE 16.6.1 release and make it compatible with ydk core version 0.6.1
  • Also updated openconfig bundle version 0.1.4 with additional support for optical transport (channel monitor, optical amplifier, terminal device and transport line)
  • Improved Service Providers
    • Improved Netconf Service Provider to support timeout and retrieving device capabilities (#217, #492, #557)
    • Decoupled path API-specific details from Service Provider and created Netconf & Restconf Session to be used instead of Provider in path API (#494, #511)
    • Fixed segmentation fault with the openconfig-platform model (#527)
  • Improved Netconf Service's kill_session method (#528)
Note on cisco-ios-xe bundle
  • As specified above, the cisco-ios-xe bundle version was updated to 16.6.1.post1 without any of the models being changed. This is because the already released 16.6.1 bundle is not compatible with the ydk core version 0.6.1. So, when upgrading your core version to be 0.6.1, please also update the XE bundle to version 16.6.1.post1.



  • Improved model API generation
    • reduced size of generated python model API (#544)
    • fixed issues with class names not following the CapWords style and models containing enum leafrefs (#538, #550, #475)

Do give it a try and make you python code come alive with the goodness of YANG data models!

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