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Use YDK to generate source stub for newly defined YANG model


New to YDK and would like to get some help on how to use this package for the purpose I need: I have defined a new YANG model and would like to use YDK-gen for a couple of purposes:

  1. Develop a sample pair of NETCONF server and client for experimenting purpose
  2. Generate stub code that supports the new YANG model and integrate into the sample NETCONF server and client

I have got the YDK-gen docker image and am able to generate the python distribution package for my YANG model, however not clear about how to proceed forward. Specifically, how can I easily use the generated code to bring up a NETCONF server and client to test them out? 


Looking at the YDK site It is not clear to me that whether the "Hello world" example at the YDK site is a sample NETCONF client? where is the server piece? Also confused about YDK-py: do I need that if I already have YDK-gen? 


I would appreciate a quick example of how to use the files generated from YDK-gen to build client and server side code. Thanks!