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XE bundle compilation takes long time

Could you please help me ?
I try to build XE bundle, but it takes pretty long time. (more than 2 days).
I run make utility  with -j5 to speed up building, but it still pretty slow.

specification: c++11 (as it defined in cmake file)
CPU model is pretty new, so I would not consider any serious limitation from hardware side.

Is there any option to decrease building time ?

Thank you !

Cisco Employee

Re: XE bundle compilation takes long time

From your post it is not clear at what stage of the bundle build the issue is appeared. Is it at building the package with or at compilation? The console output would be helpful.

On our side we have never seen such long compilation for XE models. It should take 20-40 minutes based on the processor speed. You should see the compilation progress on the console.

If still experiencing the issue, please send me your profile and archived tar file with yang models.

Regards, Yan


Re: XE bundle compilation takes long time

Hello, Yan !
Thank you for you response !
Compilation becoming pretty slow, when start to process source files from "fragmented" directory
Console output and  archived yang models (actually I got them right from ydk repo) are in attachment 
Could you plz clarify, what do you mean under "profile" which you asked to provide as well ?

Thanks !

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