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Automating SNMP trap testing (78 sample apps)

We all hope to leave SNMP behind, but for the time being, we'll have to deal with it.  Now, if we want to test SNMP traps, IOS XR defines 33 RPCs in the model Cisco-IOS-XR-snmp-test-trap-act.yang.  You will find 78 sample apps for entity, infra, interface, platform, routing and snmp traps.  You can review the commit for details.  This is the list of sample apps:

SNMP Agent - SNMPv2-MIB::coldStart - SNMPv2-MIB::warmStart

Infra - infra-syslog-message-generated - infra-flash-device-inserted - infra-flash-device-removed - infra-redundancy-progression - infra-redundancy-switch - infra-bridge-new-root - infra-bridge-topology-change - infra-config-event

Interface - boilerplate link-up - boilerplate link-down - boilerplate session status - boilerplate line status - boilerplate path status - link-up (default) - link-up with ifindex - link-down (default) - link-down with ifindex - sonet session status - sonet session status ifidx - sonet line status - sonet line status ifindex - sonet path status - sonet path status ifindex

Entity - boilerplate sensor thld - boilerplate FRU power - boilerplate FRU mod st up - boilerplate FRU mod st dn - boilerplate FRU fan st up - boilerplate FRU fan insert - boilerplate FRU fan remove - sensor threshold (default) - sensor thld with entindex - FRU power change (default) - FRU power chg w/ entindex - FRU mod status up (dflt) - FRU mod st up w/ entindex - FRU mod status dn (dflt) - FRU mod st dn w/ entindex - FRU fan status up (dflt) - FRU fan st up w/ entindex - FRU fan insert (default) - FRU fan insert w/ entindex - FRU fan remove (default) - FRU fan remove w/ entindex

Platform - boilerplate bundle downed - boilerplate bundle state - boilerplate plane state - bundle downed link (dflt) - bundle downed link w/ name - bundle state (default) - bundle state with name - plane state (default) - plane state with id

BGP - boilerplate BGP est - boilerplate BGP state ch - BGP est peer (default) - BGP est peer w/ address - BGP state ch (default) - BGP state ch w/ address

OSPF - boilerplate OSPF nbr state - OSFP nbr state (default) - OSPF nbr state w/ address - OSFP nbr state w/ ifindex

MPLS - boilerplate LDP session dn - boilerplate tun re-rerouted - boilerplate tun re-opt - boilerplate tunnel down - LDP session down (default) - LDP session dn entity/peer - tunnel re-routed (default) - tunnel re-routed w/src-dst - tunnel re-opt (default) - tunnel re-opt w/src-dst - tunnel down (default) - tunnel down w/src-dst

All traps - all traps

Give them a try!

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