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The YANG Tools board hosts the discussions around YANG-related tools, such as the YANG Developer Kit (YDK), YANG Suite, and other tools for network automation.
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        The YANG Tools forum hosts discussions around tools like the YANG Developer Kit (YDK), YANG Suite, and other network automation tools.
See the YANG Tools Knowledge Base for answers to some common questions.
For production deployment issues, please contact the Cisco TAC.
For direct help with developer issues, please open a ticket with DevNet Developer Support. Developer ticket support for networking is limited to the products listed here.

Forum Posts

Resolved! devtoolset-4-gcc* not available for CentOS 7.9

Hi , I am using a Centos 7.9 server.  When I try to install gcc as per the system requirements mentioned here http://ydk.cisco.com/py/docs/getting_started.html#system-requirements, I am facing ``` No package devtoolset-4-gcc* available ``` root@cafy-...

shreyash by Cisco Employee
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ydk-gen generate xe-1612

I am trying to generate python code for the 16121 Yang version, but it fails. https://github.com/YangModels/yang/tree/master/vendor/cisco/xe/16121I believe it is because of the Cisco-IOS-XE-bgp yang module, which I want to use.   pyang Cisco-IOS-bgp....

atarlov by Beginner
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Resolved! Getting uri keypath not found error when trying to post Loopback interface to ios-xe-mgmt.cisco.com router

Using postman I created a post request with to the url https://ios-xe-mgmt.cisco.com:9443/restconf/data/ieft-interfaces:interfaces with basic authentication of username: developer, password: C1sco12345, header of Content-Type: application/yang-data+j...

Resolved! Libydk for Alpine Image

For container-based applications it is a way better to use a minimalized OS like alpine. Is it planned Alpine Image to be supported as well ? or are there any instructions how to build the core in an alpine image   

atarlov by Beginner
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Resolved! Device setting questions in YANG suite

Hi, I have installed YANG suite on my VirtualBox which is based on Ubuntu 18.04.I followed the steps in the demo video(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=smrhjL5Ayz0), but encountered an error at the step of device setting.When I tried to check connecti...

Tony_maro by Beginner
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Yang MAC Address 'matm-oper' Filter

Using Postman, I am able to pull down the MAC address table of a Catalyst 9200 with this URL: The results look like: { "Cisco-IOS-XE-matm-oper:matm-table": [ { ...

IOS-XR lldp neighbors issue when using netconf to aristar the character ':' is not liked in a string

Hello,   When I programmatically - from a controller - try to get "lldp neighbors" using NETCONF, on the Cisco device, I see the following error (highlighted) for a neighbor Arista device. A neighbor Cisco device does not result in this error: 8:37:1...

shillyar by Cisco Employee
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Netconf request based on YANG on Cisco-IOS-XE-native not returning all expected fields

Hi,  I'm making a get request to the sandbox sandbox-iosxe-latest-1.cisco.comwith the following payload: Sending: #851 <nc:rpc xmlns:nc="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:netconf:base:1.0" message-id="urn:uuid:0357a54b-0c41-4a24-991a-6a238cba67a7"><nc:get> ...

olmomezger by Beginner
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Netconf edit-config

Hi, Question: I'm trying to change interface ip address using ncclient. Rather than changing the IP, it keeps adding a secondary IP instead. Is there a way to change the existing ip rather than keep adding new secondary IP?  Br, Heikki

Resolved! Couldn't fetch schema node of an augmented object in another YANG file when encoding in XML

Hello, I'm having an error when trying to encode an Entity in XML with ydk 0.8.5. For example, I have a "connectivity-service" grouping with child "end-point" described here tapi-connectivity. In another yang model tapi-photonic, the "end-point" is a...

tqhuy by Beginner
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