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Heads up - New YDK release with YANG1.1 support is coming soon

Dear YDK users

The new YDK release is coming soon. It includes the following features:

  1. Upgrade to pyang-2.4.
  2. Upgrade Libyang YDK fork to the latest version in order to support YANG1.1.
  3. YDK support for new and extended YANG features based on rfc-7950.
    1. Processing of "yang-version" statement in ydkgen. See section 7.1.2.
    2. Multi-line description strings without single or double quotes. See section 6.1.3.
    3. Allow "choice" as a shorthand "case" statement. See section 7.9.2.
    4. Processing of new substatement "modifier" to the "pattern" statement. See section 9.4.6.
    5. Allow identities to be derived from multiple base identities. Sections 7.18 and 9.10.
    6. Allow enumerations and bits to be subtyped. See sections 9.6 and 9.7.
    7. Allow leaf-lists to have default values, see Section 7.7.2.
    8. Allow non-unique values in non-configuration leaf-lists, see section 7.7.
    9. Processing of new statement "action", which is used to define operations tied to data nodes. See section 7.15.
    10. Support for new data definition statement "anydata". See section 7.10.
    11. Allow types "empty" and "leafref" in unions, section 9.12 and 9.13.
    12. Allow type "empty" in a key, section 9.13.
  4. Upgraded documentation
  5. Fixes of latest bugs found in YDK-0.8.5.

Please note that this YDK release will not be available in the open source domains. If you are interested in acquiring of this software and getting its full engineering support, please contact me directly.

Yan Gorelik
YDK Solutions

Hi Yan,


Thank you for sharing this information with us.


Since nowadays, we have a lot solutions to do network automation like Ansible,  Netconf, REST API ,  YDK etc.


May I know cisco's plan for YDK ,  Does cisco continue to invest time and resource on YDK new version released and bug fix to follow new IOS XE version ?.  Does cisco have any plan to encourage more and more people to embrace it and make more program with YDK.


Thank you



Jacky Zhang
Global Telecom

Very good question, Jacky.

I am also waiting the answers from Cisco managers/directors, who are investing their time and money to applications based on YDK. I am still wide open for cooperation with them.

I am also open to work with other companies, who are willing invest in YDK offered solutions. 

Yan Gorelik
YDK Solutions

Likewise, I am with Dell Technologies investigating yang models and I am interested in updated versions of the YDK that support Yang 1.1


Mark Walker

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