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Sample apps for XR LLDP using CRUD/gNMI

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

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Hello Community,


I came back with new YDK-py sample applications for ethernet LLDP configuration using Cisco native XR model and gNMI.


This set of sample apps configures XR LLDP using the gNMI provider and the CRUD service: - create boilerplate - Basic LLDP - LLDP w/custom timers - LLDP w/subintf and TLV select - delete boilerplate - delete all LLDP configuration   - read boilerplate - update boilerplate

The following link will direct you to the directory with python apps, JSON data, and CLI data about this set of sample applications.



Last June, we have posted about LLDP sample apps for OpenConfig/gNMI. You can check out the previous community posting for the LLDP OC/gNMI sample apps:


Why don't you compare LLDP sample applications for XR/gNMI to OC/gNMI?


Have fun!

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