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LDAP Authorization NX-OS & Catalyst

So! Hey there!I'm trying to set ldap in our environment to all our switches instead of TACACAS. When trying to set ldap search map like that:ldap search-map cisco  userprofile attribute-name "description" search-filter "(cn=$userid)" base-DN "OU=Cisc...

Windows local user disabled by duo

HI, I installed duo on my windows pc. I have 2 users, a local user with standard permissions, and an administrator user connected to Microsoft Accout. I installed duo for the local user and it works perfectly, but the administrator user disappeared i...

epoch by Beginner
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Resolved! i cant ping the a switch from router directly connected

hi i configure on my lab , two routers R1 and R2 directly connected and R1 is Connected RED network , and R2 connected in Blue Network the Each Network have a lan switch , i tried to ping from R2 to R1 connected Pc i can ping the IP address but i can...

anazpakkir by Beginner
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Retrieve new "busy" status via REST API

Hi,can the new "busy" status described this blog post be somehow retrieved via the REST API? The list people API does not seem to provide it. We see that it is currently not listed in the documented/possible states and it is mapped to "unknown". Is t...

schraffl by Beginner
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Ansible IOS_config prompts

Hello, I'm trying to convert our current switch configuration to IBNS configuration for 802.1x with ansible but ran into an issue that i'm trying to figure out.  I can get ansible to write "authentication display new-style" and remove some of the def...

EditWu by Beginner
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Not getting netconf RPC response IOS XE 17.9.4 c8000v

When trying get RPC from IOS XE 17.9.4 c8000v not getting response or error. On hitting enter the netconf session is getting terminated. below configs are used to BN-CP#show run | sec netconfnetconf sshnetconf-yangBN-CP#

prohit by Beginner
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Daylight Savings Time (DST) problem in ISE

Dear ISE Team;I have several clients in Iran, all of whom are experiencing an issue with the incorrect display of time in the ISE. As you know, since the beginning of the current Persian year, according to a law enacted in Iran, the country's clock i...

Resolved! OSPF External Route Selection

On Router-A and Router-B,configure area 0 and area 1 as follows:Router-A:    area 0:    area 1:    area 0:    area 1: On Router-A, redistribute an external route into OSPF, so Router-A is an ASBR.Question: On ...

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