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[ACI 5.2] Remote Leaf の追加

本記事では Remote Leaf を追加する手順をご紹介します。環境:5.2(7g)公式ドキュメントの内容も合わせてご確認ください。Cisco ACI Remote Leaf Architecture White Paperhttps://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/solutions/collateral/data-center-virtualization/application-centric-infrastructure/white-paper-c11-740861....

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confusion over route selected from routing table

Packets received by the router from BGP enter via a serial interface at Each route is present within the routing table. Which interface is used to forward traffic with a destination IP of 10.10 10 24?People are saying that the answer ...

Garegin88 by Level 1
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Catalyst 9200 Family (Throughput Capacity)

General question for the community.  I'm looking to use a Catalyst 9200 as my internet access switch.  Considering bumping my service from 1Gbps to at least 2Gbps and possibly higher.  Can the 9200 switch support higher than Gigabit throughput capaci...


Update Space Classification After Creation

For those who have configured Space Classification in Control Hub. Is there a way to change the Space classification after it has been setup during the creation of the space? I noticed when I go to "edit space information" the window does not give me...

Jesse D by Level 1
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Hi I'm trying to extended a L2 segment using MPLS L2vpn over GRE. I am able to establish the tunnel and get ospf and mpls adjacency also the xconnect between the peer is up but my 2 test pc cant reach each other. This is my PE3 config.interface Gigab...

Cisco 9300X Static routes don't work to SVI Tunnels

NOTE: I have done the same test setup with 4000 series routers, and routing works fine.I have successfully setup 3 SVI (Static Virtual Interface) tunnels with IPSEC between 2 9300X switches.- I can ping the tunnel IPs- I can ping each VLAN interface ...

3802I 启动死循环

本地是一个由 4 台 3802I-E-K9 组成的 Mobility Express 环境,位于同一个 L2 下。其中三台已经接入了 ME 虚拟控制器管理。剩下的一台一直困在part1 镜像损坏 的问题中,并不断重启。Starting kernel ... [01/01/1970 00:00:00.0000] Built 1 zonelists in Zone order, mobility grouping on. Total pages: 260096 [01/01/1970 00:00...

query on ASDM access

We have FTD devices with ASA image in production which managed by FMC and Also we are managing firewall through ASDM. so now we are removing the FMC from production and want to manage the FTD devices locally. so is there any impact if the firewall is...

End point detection

I am new to cisco endpoint and will need some help in creating rolling 3 months analysis for end point positive detectionsand also analysis for false positive detection.Any help and directions will be deeply appriciated.Thanks 

neroblaze by Level 1
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