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I cannot login to claim my CE Credits.

It asks for a work email or business email but my certiciation is tied to my personal email. I also did the Cisco U. Training on my personal email. This infuriates me to no end because I spent a lot of time on finsiging the course on Cisco U but find...

Request to increase VPN concurreny and Sandbox lifetime

Team,I have Collaboration 14 sandbox lab, and I would like to do test calls using multiple phones. So kindly provide multiple VPN access for testing.Kindly extend this sandbox setup for another 1 week.Sandbox ID: 7957649b-2a46-42f3-aad1-7b880afd7d0b

About the Simulation LAB eBGP configuration

 The solution of this eBGP LAB configure show as below. Please verify if the configuration is any missing or suggestion. Thanks!  R1>enableR1(config)#R1(config)#router bgp 10R1(config-router)#bgp router-id x.x.x.x // x.x.x.x is R1 Loopback0 ip addres...

yo8-20 by Beginner
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show asp load-balance in FTD

Hello EveryoneWhen I'm run command "show asp load-balance" in cli FTD this is the output :> show asp load-balance per-packetConfig mode : enabledCurrent status : enabledRX ring Blocks low/high watermark : 50% / 75%System RX ring count low threshold :...

upik by Beginner
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DHCP Traps

Hello,I want to make dhcp trap when there any subnet with high utilization by issuing commandsnmp-server enable traps dhcp poolWhen i see message in the trap manager i can't find information which pool in high utilization state.CISCO-IETF-DHCP-SERVER...

hs08 by Beginner
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Resolved! Mx300-g2 no video just sound

Hi, I have an Mx300-g2 display in my home. I have been able to watch netflex video on it but recently,  I've been having difficulty playing certain video content usually the newer titles. The issue is that certain titles play the video for 1 or 2 min...

Eamon888 by Beginner
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AAA authorization failed

Hi All,I am configure the tacacs in nexus 9200 switch.After run the command AAA authorisation commands default group GROUP_NAME and getting error AAA authorisation failed AAA_AUTHOR_STATUS_METHOD=17(0x11. Can someone help me please.Thanks ,Prashanth ...

New to TCAM reallocation for Nexus n3k

Hi AllI've never done a TCAM reallocation.I'm a bit stuck on what I should be reallocating to where I need it allocated to.And trying to add more acl rules, I'm getting the tcam is full.I've got a pair of n3k in a VPC.I use a few object-groups, copp-...

ASA 5512X and Aruba Switch 1930 L2

Dear Team,We recently introduced the IPPhone Grandstream to our organization. I created a physical interface on the ASA5512x with an IP address for the phones. The data and voice are on different physical interfaces on ASA, with data on Interface ge0...

Manojy by Beginner
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Courtesy Callback

Please help me set up Courtesy Callback on PCCE 12.5. I encountered the following problem.The call goes along the following path:PSTN (SIP) - CUBE - CVPAccording to the manual, I installed the survivability.tcl application on the CUBE, installed it o...

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