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Static routing not working

 Hello. I have a issue with the static routing. I dont know why it isnt working.I watched many videos to try to solve the problem, I do exactly what videos and posts say. Here is the network, If i send a message from the PC0 to Router0, it is success...

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HA on Cisco Prime 3.9

Hello, I'm trying to rebuild my HA between both Prime node, but the field to register the Secondary server is not available    Do I miss something ?   Thank you,

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LAN team by Beginner
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ASDM not working in WINDOWS 11

Hi all,  Hope this will help youI have received new Laptop from my organization and its win11.Faced challenge in Running ASDM.  After installing ASDM and JAVA ASDM Application wont openTried installing older version of JAVA still same.But finally it'...

DHCPv6 assigns the same IPv6 to multiple hosts

Hello everyone,I created this Packet Tracer with IPv6 pool created on R1 and R2 used as a relay, with ipv6 server command issued on interface g0/0/0.10Automatically assigning of ipv6 works , but the 2 hosts that are in vlan10 have the same exact IPv6...

Upgrading C9200 with .bin INSTALL mode, space questions.

Hello,XXXXSW-030#show install summary[ Switch 1 2 ] Installed Package(s) Information:State (St): I - Inactive, U - Activated & Uncommitted,C - Activated & Committed, D - Deactivated & Uncommitted-------------------------------------------------------...

Silent reload C3850

I am building a new network to run in parallel during the transition to new building addition.I have purchased two WS-C3850-48XS, however due to strict budget I purchased them refurbished and no SmartnetI deployed them in StackWsie Vrtual.Over the la...

Flexconnect AP with MAB validation

HiWe are working on a new deployment where we use access points in Flexconnect mode and not locale as do on the rest of our branches.Normally we use MAB validation of each AP, and we wish to continue to use MAB validation of our access points, but im...

DNAC - Adding a non managed Anchor WLC

Hi,I am facing an issue on DNAC. I have the need to migrate an SSID from our old controller to the new C9800. This SSID is anchored to an old WLC which is not managed by me.Within DNAC I can only add a mobility peer if it is managed by DNAC (its a dr...

Ezequ!el by Beginner
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Unable to access C1111-8p with web password

Good day, all.We have a fresh out of the box C1111-8P router. I am attached to the console and have completed the basic configuration which is  a fairly straightforward process. In following the manual Chapter: Setting Up Factory Default Device Using...

bakerjw by Beginner
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Hello,I have two ftds in HA being managed by fmc on vmware. is there a way for me to monitor these ipsec tunnels, and get alerts if any tunnel goes down?Ideas on tools that can do this, and how to integrate the same.your support will be much apprecia...

fmugambi by Beginner
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9105AXW no PoE on LAN1

We are running a 5520 WLC with software version and have a bunch of C9105AXW-Z (v02) AP's.What I have found is that using the WLC GUI, when they are run up the first time and added to a FlexConnect group and the corresponding AP group, LAN...

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eamse by Beginner
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C8200 - LIC-6-REPORTING_REQUIRED - within Isolated network

Hello,we have a couple of C8200 routers running in autonomous mode. All of them are in mission critical isolated environment.For licence activationj I follow "No Connectivity to CSSM and No CSLU" recomendation.   # RUM export license smart save usage...

FooBar78 by Beginner
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